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Girl's Day Out
Start Time:
4 hours
ex Perth, WA


A little bit secret .....

A little bit adventure ......A little bit scavenger.....

Put it altogether and you've got a 'Scaventure' .....

Adventurous Women are organising a fun filled event, that is sure to bring out your 'inner child'.... Join us if you dare!!! 

We can't give too much away due to the very nature of this event....but here are a couple of hints about the format of the day, so you do have some idea of what is required.

You'll need to make up a team of two (if you are a solo and you want to be matched with another solo, that's cool ...we'll help out)

You'll need one digital camera between the two of you

You will get points (of different gradings) for completing required activities...if you don't want to do an activity ..that's cool, you have a choice - you just don't get the points :)

You can be any level of fitness, as you will not be expected to cover a large amount of territory within our time frame.  You will have heaps of time and it's more about what you will come up with at the end!!!

There are some items you need to collect, some situations you need to get involved in, some things you have to photograph and some things you need to find out!  

Aim of the Game is to think outside the box and get creative, while collecting as many points as you can.  You are allowed to phone a friend & use the internet if required ….but you will soon see, that more often than not, it just won’t be necessary at all.    

Main thing is that you’re ready to have some serious FUN ..... ensure that your camera is fully charged so that we can view your images at the end of the game.

Prizes will be award to:

Major Prize: The team who collect the most points within the given time frame, will be the winner (if same number of points have been collected by more than one team, then the team who have shown the most creativity in obtaining those points will be the overall winner).


Two Consolation Prizes: These will be awarded to the two teams that the judges deem to have  shown the most ‘adventurous’ or ‘creative’ pursuits in obtaining game points, within the given time frame.


Participant Prizes:  Each Duo (other than the Major & Consolation Prize Winners) will get a little something just for being part of the fun!




*Pack a Picnic Lunch* if you wish to stay on afterwards and have a few laughs!!!



AW Members - $35 
AW Trial/Non Members - $45

Scaventure Officials x 2
Clue Sheets/Map
Prizes & a drink Afterwards


Wanna Be In It? 

Really enjoyed this event, great to give the brain a bit of a workout as well as the legs.

Urban Scaventure
Edie E - Oct 27 2013

Fantastic day out. Great way to get the brain working while still having a great time.

Urban Scaventure
Lyn M - Oct 27 2013
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