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Winter - Yoga in Nature Retreat

Winter - Yoga in Nature Retreat – Dwellingup, WA (June 2nd, 2017)

Our Winter “Yoga in Nature Retreat” is focused on mindful movement, breath awareness, relaxation, connecting with nature and most of all, having fun! read more

I thought this was a fabulous package, very well programmed and most enjoyable.

Bali balance
Jomelle C - September 2012

Very Good 4 Star!

Surf, Sip & Cycle Feb 2012
gemma - 24/02/2012
Really enjoyed the relaxed style of the program. There was no pressure to keep up with anyone. Loved the time table (wine and relaxing is always a must to the end of any day). I…Read more

Yoga in Nature Retreat WA
Janine Cole - 10 Feb 2017

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