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Adventurous Women & Women’s Adventure Club
GO! Girls Outdoors May 2010

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Life is an adventure - are you living yours?

Sue Hile - business owner and travel enthusiast

tn_DSCN0072.JPGA passion for travel has had a profound influence on Sue Hile's life, both personally and professionally. Her involvement in outdoor activities started when she was growing up, on camping and dirt bike riding trips. She developed a love of travel as she grew older, and became hooked on trekking after a trip to the Himalayas. Sue spent her early working life in business and hospitality, making some careful decisions that enabled her to have choices later down the track, which is now. Today Sue runs her own business, Adventurous Women, and has recently initiated a social network called the Women's Adventure Club.


Sue describes herself as a business owner by choice. Her business, Adventurous Women, organises expeditions for women to a wide variety of locations - have a look at the huge range of trips on thewebsite. Adventurous Women encourages women to participate in adventure travel in a non-competitive and supportive environment. It involves women from many different walks of life, all of whom want to do something for themselves - and in particular, fulfil their dreams through travel, adventure and life experiences.

Sue has also started up a social network associated with and inspired by Adventurous Women, the Women's Adventure Club. The site features a forum, events page, photos, videos, blogs and chat. It is designed to bring women together in the same way as Adventurous Women - through travel and adventure. It is a non profit initiative that will bring women together, both online and through social gatherings. Have a look here and join up if you're interested!

Sue says that starting the Women's Adventure Club has been her best accomplishment because seeing women joining and getting involved in activities is a reward in itself. Her advice to others - if it's your passion, live it!