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Highlights of South America
Black Rose Magazine March 2010

Open Original

Fully escorted for women only
Take the opportunity to truly discover yourself..

Visit Machu Picchu, holy and inspirational as any cathedral

Discover the Witches Market in La Paz

Fly over the mysterious Nazca lines

Explore the lost Inca city of Cusco

Tango like a diva in Buenos Aires

Stroll Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro

Marvel at the might of Iguaza Falls

Journey through the Sacred Valley

Visit pre-Inca chullpas (tombs)

Learn to make reed boats on Lake Titicaca
and much much more..

This tour is facilitated by Adventurous Women in conjunction with Kumuka Worldwide and Flight Centre Floreat, WA - T/A Licence 9TA 589
Full itinerary online at adventurouswomen.com.au or Phone Sue on (08) 9467 7304 Mobile 042 305 7994