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Its a Girl Thing
Australian Geographic Outdoor - brief encounters May 2010

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Women are muscling in on the adventure scene and are embracing the benefits of all-female adventure.

Changing perceptions and attitudes also playa part, according to Sue Hile, who set up Adventurous Women in Perth in 2008. "Adventure travel used to be seen as very demanding and hardcore, but the increasing availability of'soft' adventures such as trekking and kayaking has attracted more women.

Having said that, we find that women often gain confidence in their abilities through participating in soft adventures with other women, then progress onto more challenging trips;' she says.
"It has also become more acceptable for women to travel without their partners or families. It has long been
accepted that men can go away on fishing or surfing trips with their mates, but it's only been in the last couple of years that women are becoming empowered, their husbands are perhaps becoming more supportive
and it's okay for women to go on their own adventures:'

Which explains why her not-for-profit social networking group, Women's Adventure Club, also set up in 2008,
already has 650 members Australia-wide."We find that women often feel more comfortable challenging themselves in an all-woman environment;' says Sue."They can push t heir own boundaries and do things like lighting a campfire, things the male in their lives may do when they travel together, which can give them a great sense of achievement"

"Women definitely want to push themselves, get out of their comfort zones and do something exciting and fun"