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Mountain Design Bibbulmun Team Challenge 2011
Bibbulmun News December 2011

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Congratulations to the DEChead for winning the second heat!
From the start they never failed to get attention for fantastic effort and they maintained their lead over the entire four days. Although Solid Energy (Wesfarmers) and the Adventurous Women were neck and neck for second place most of the way through. Wetland Warriors were determined not to give up. The fourth day was a most amazing day for the Warriors, who from 335 points behind in fourth place closed the gap for third to only 25 points. The fabulous dinner creations, the race on the river and an outstanding effort on the carts meant that they had the other teams worried a while. However this was not the heat for tight competition as the gap widened between each place as the DECheads sailed in first followed by the Adventurous Women, Solid Energy and Wetland Warriors in fourth place.