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Adventure anyone?

Adventurous Women is Australia's fastest growing travel, adventure and lifestyle community...and it's just for the girls! Founder Sue Hile, aims to re-ignite a woman's adventurous spirit by providing "soft adventure", step by step challenges, social activities, and travel opportunities all geared towards giving women the confidence to have a go at things they normally wouldn't - all within a safe and supportive all female environment.

Sue wants to give women the courage to create their own destiny. Through Adventurous Women, she hopes to inspire women to fulfil their dreams and goals and live life to the full. The adventures range from full-scale trips that push you to your limits, to simple days out to treat yourself to something different. Whatever your sense of adventure, you'll find it here.

Adventurous Women is all about creating a community. By joining the Women's Adventure Club, you can connect with over 2,000 like-minded women and special interest groups, whilst enjoying discounts, rewards, offers and VIP opportunities from the impressive list of Member Benefit Partners. If you're a budding (or fully formed) travel writer, you can contribute articles and post pictures to inspire others. For solo travellers, be sure to make use of the travel buddy finder function.