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West Coast of Africa

Added by Rensina van den Heuvel October 9, 2017
The West Coast of Africa is a place that I have dreamed of travelling in for a 'lifetime'…but the opportunity never presented itself and I was always busy 'doing' other things. I have travelled in many countries now and as the world has changed a lot since my teenage dreams of it, Africa has waited. But I am 61 now and time…Read more

Exercise: The to do list when you havent done it for a while

Added by Cathy Johnson March 18, 2017
This article originally appears on ABC Health & Wellbeing So it's been a while since you've done any exercise? OK, maybe it was so long ago that the last time you worked up a sweat, canvas sandshoes were the active footwear of choice and mobile music players weren't even invented? If so, chances are it's more than the best…Read more

How to play it smart with your street food

Added by Rachel Bartholomeusz September 2, 2016
This artical origanlly appears at The usual logic in guidebooks when travelling in Asia is to boil it, cook it, peel it or forget it. Peel all fruit and cook all vegetables, only eat hot, freshly prepared food, skip the ice in your drink, don't eat salad…Read more

8 Smart Safety Tips for Women Travelling Abroad

Added by Guest Author October 1, 2015
Let's go girls! There's no doubt that women are avid travellers, and for the right reasons. While more men tend to travel overseas for business, women mostly travel for leisure and enjoyment, says the ABS. A TripAdvisor survey released earlier this year also revealed that women are becoming more and more independent when it comes to…Read more

5 Cities for Your Next Solo Vacation

Added by Jess Singet July 1, 2015
Travelling alone as a woman provides so many pleasures and challenges that it's a shame one can't do it full-time. From crafting an itinerary that satisfies your whims to keeping a schedule that lets you sleep in or rise early - depending on which you prefer - embarking on an adventure with only yourself as a companion can enrich your…Read more

48 Hours In Madrid

Added by Jess Singet February 24, 2015
I only had two days to explore Madrid. I would have preferred weeks, months, or even years to explore this enormous and historical city. But, even with only two days I was able to see plenty of this gorgeous city, while still having an amazing time. Here are some tips on how to see the best of Madrid in only 48 hours. What to do? Santa…Read more

Ancient History to Explore at the Balearic Islands

Added by Kayleigh Herbertson January 28, 2015
The beautiful Balearics are an archipelago of islands that are located in the Mediterranean Sea, near to the east coast of Spain. Three of the largest and most famous islands in the Balearics are Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza. Each island is home to an array of magnificent historical sites, as well as beautiful scenery and fabulous dining…Read more

Five Essential Tips for Caravanning with Kids

Added by Debbie Saunders July 10, 2014
Caravan Kids - © Jennifer Stocks 2013 These helpful tips about “caravanning with children” are brought to you by Debbie Saunders. Deb is a full-time Mum and part-time finance specialist, working at In her spare time she enjoys travelling around Australia and road tripping with her family. The…Read more

Quick Tips to Keep Your Adventure Under Budget

Added by Amy K October 10, 2013
With the holiday season fast approaching, many of us are starting to look at our finances and considering how we are going to have the maximum fun on the lowest budget possible. Many people believe, that in this age of austerity, family holidays cannot be take on limited budgets and that we are bound to overspend on luxuries that we…Read more

Shopping Adventure in Sydney

Added by Guest Author October 9, 2013
Who says that shopping is not an adventure? Searching for specific items is like hunting for gold. Getting stuck in a crowded market is like being trapped in a labyrinth. Asking for a discount from the seller is like pleading your case in court. A whole day of shopping can wear anyone out even if you are as fit as snowboarder champ Torah…Read more

Getting The Right Travel Insurance For Adventure Breaks

Added by Sue September 20, 2013
Just planning an adventure holiday can get the heartbeat racing. The thought of white-water rafting through some fast flowing rapids or parachuting to earth from 10,000 ft is enough to really get the adrenalin flowing. But while activities like these are guaranteed to bring you excitement and exhilaration, you still need to use a bit…Read more

3 Top Day Trips from Auckland

Added by Susan DeGoldi August 29, 2013
If you’re planning an upcoming trip to Auckland to see the rellies or conduct a bit of business, book in some time for pleasure. As well as being Kiwiland’s main business precinct, there are some beautiful Auckland accommodation options available as well as some of the best dining and wine-ing in the country. But if, like a…Read more

Swish, Swill and Swallow!

Added by Guest Author June 25, 2013
For wine enthusiasts from around the world, Australia is a true mecca. Although a relatively new wine producer compared to countries like France and Italy, Australia is a destination with untold potential that is already the world's fourth-largest exporter of wine. Although wine is grown in each of Australia's six states, there are…Read more

Experience the Best Shows on Broadway in 2013

Added by Chris McMahon June 14, 2013
If you want to enjoy theatre like you never have before, seeing Broadway shows is a must when you are in New York. With so many available performances, you are bound to find something for everyone to enjoy. In fact, Broadway performances are becoming more and more popular each year with tourists all over the world.   What Is Broadway?…Read more

Daytrip From Perth: Rottnest Island

Added by Abbi Martin June 13, 2013
Take a weekender, or even just a day, to explore Rottnest Island, off the coast of Perth. White-sand beaches, historical monuments and tiny marsupials are some of the island’s big draws. Only 18 kilometres from Fremantle, Rottnest Island is a logical holiday choice for many living in Perth. But it’s not just a local’s…Read more

How People View Airlines in Australia

Added by Guest Author May 28, 2013
In years passed Aussies had very few options when it came to flying. Competition was low, and prices were high. Fast forward to 2013, and travellers have their pick of several different airlines. To that end, we've compiled a list of what people are saying about a few major choices that operate international and domestic flights in Oz.…Read more

Lanzarote: Land of Caves, Craters and Cactus

Added by Melissa Nash May 27, 2013
This hugely popular destination located in the Canary Islands is a beautiful Spanish island, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Believed to be the first Canary Island to become inhabited, today, it provides a very pleasant home to not only about 100,000 Spaniards, but a number of other nationalities who have been drawn to the land…Read more

Top Australian Road Trips

Added by Chloe Marbanque March 27, 2013
So, you've chosen Australia as your annual holiday destination for 2013 - with its world famous monuments, its glorious weather and its breathtaking natural landscapes, you know that you're going to be left spoilt for choice with things to do (in fact, the only worry you've got is how you're going to manage to fit it all in!). But, if…Read more

Tips for Hiking the Cape Byron Coastal Walk

Added by Cassie Sanderson February 25, 2013
Among the many sites worth seeing in New South Wales, the Cape Bryon Coastal Walk is one of the most spectacular. The 3.7km loop takes you along the coast, through a rainforest and to the easternmost point in mainland Australia, offering stunning views around every corner. The best part? The coastal walk is free, and easy enough for…Read more

Extreme Adventures in New Zealand

Added by Guest Author January 31, 2013
New Zealand has long been a popular travel destination, especially for adventure seekers. Many come to the country to see the diverse wildlife, explore cities like Auckland and Wellington, enjoy outdoor recreation and tour the scenic destinations on both the North and South Islands. Others come to see the land of Lord of the Rings with…Read more

Five Adventurous Things a Travelling Pom Should Try in Australia

Added by Kristine January 25, 2013
Australia is a great place to travel if adventure is the goal. An adrenaline rush is almost guaranteed if travellers select the proper activity. Travellers must be ready for a thrill to participate in some of the most rewarding adventurous activities that this country has to offer. Most people feel the momentary fear is worth the views…Read more

The Ultimate American Bucket List

Added by Guest Author January 24, 2013
For most travellers from Australia, a trip to the United States is a once in a lifetime event - the opportunity to tick off all the inspirational things you’ve added to your bucket list over the years. While every person's sense of adventure might be a little different, there are a few keys things that you simply have to add to…Read more

Holiday for one please...

Added by Guest Author December 20, 2012
  Holidays for one are on the rise. According to statistics more than 4 million Australians travelled alone. At a time when holidays and travel bookings are falling fast due to the economy, single holidays are on the increase. Whatever your reasons for going solo, there will be a holiday to suit you. From group holidays with other…Read more

Seven adventure activities to try in Thailand

Added by Gaz Morris June 28, 2012
Thailand is a popular holiday destination for those who want to experience its tropical climate, lovely beaches and relaxed pace of life. However, the country has much more on offer, including a variety of adventure activities. Here is an overview of some of the most popular adventure activities available. For any type of adventure…Read more

Ten natural wonders of Australia

Added by Gaz Morris May 15, 2012
Australia is a country that contains some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring natural wonders in the world. Sure, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are great cities, but if you’re flying to Australia any time soon, chances are you’re going for the country’s natural attractions. Here are ten of the best.    …Read more

4 Great Hotels For a Short Stay in Sydney

Added by Kirsty Alexander April 12, 2012
When travelling to Sydney for a short stay or as a stopover, staying in hotels that are close to the airport is really convenient, especially given the heavy traffic. The best hotels offer a variety of leisure activities, are easy to get to from the airport and aren't too expensive to fit into your travel budget. Here we round up four of…Read more

A Sheila Travelling Alone

Added by Trisha Wilson March 24, 2012
So said a curious Akubra wearing bloke at the Menzies Road House, ‘.. now that’s someone you don’t meet every day.’ A couple of hours later I was turning off a dirt road into a mine site where my fellow  traveller had insisted a welcome would be waiting should I decide to visit the mine and have a look…Read more

Exploring the Canary Islands: a sketch of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote

Added by Guest Author November 18, 2011
The Canary Islands are officially a territory of Spain, but while the locals certainly speak Spanish, the Canaries are in fact much closer to North Africa than they are to the Iberian Peninsula. This geographical location means that Canary Islands like Lanzarote and Fuerteventura can be comfortably explored all year round, as the…Read more

Backpacking in the Canary Islands: an introduction to Tenerife

Added by Guest Author November 18, 2011
Europe is a diverse continent in terms of language and culture, and also terrain. While the Mediterranean is the default choice for sunny summer holidays for many northern Europeans, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, such as Tenerife and Gran Canaria, offer both year-long sunshine, and natural conditions which provide…Read more

7 Destination Hotels in Australia for Women

Added by Erica Gustafson October 25, 2011
Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and home to some of the world's most amazing hotels. Aside from the famous landmarks in the country, seeing the inside of an Australian hotel is an experience in itself. When it comes to luxury and gorgeous views, the hotels in Australia can't be beat. To make your vacation…Read more

Motorhomes : See Australia Your Way

Added by Melissa Davis October 2, 2011
If you are one of those people out there who enjoy traveling then think of what a motor home can do for you in the way of adventure. Motor homes come in all different styles and sizes from a small campervan to the larger motor home. If one has never used a motor home then it is recommended to start out with a campervan hire and get used to…Read more

The World's Top 10 Backpacking Destinations

Added by Guest Author January 17, 2011
Backpacking is one of the most rewarding experiences you'll ever have; full of adventure, awarding you with a sense of freedom and giving you the chance to redefine your very being. Whether you want to stay off the typical beaten track and really experience the culture of a country, or fancy sticking to more typical tourist routes, there is…Read more

Top Adventure Trips in Spain

Added by Guest Author September 28, 2010
  Spain is a large country with a varied landscape. There are some beautiful Mediterranean coastlines, vast open plains and stunning mountain ranges that offer fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities. Spain has quietly become one of Europe's premiere destinations for hiking, mountaineering, skiing and water sports and offers…Read more

How To Find Cheap Flights

Added by Sue September 6, 2010
How many hours can you afford to lose trawling the internet looking for that cheap flight, or even pounding the pavement from one travel agency to the next!!  I know plenty of people who have spent hours googling "cheap flights" on the internet (me being one of them) and at the end of it all, have generally come away just as confused…Read more

Best Day Spas in Melbourne

Added by Jack Ko August 31, 2010
In order to fuel that fiery intrepid spirit, sometimes a girl needs to pamper herself. Melbourne is a city with easy access to both pursuits: adventurous recreation and sweet indulgence. What good, after all, is a Great Ocean Road Walk or snowy Alpine National Park trek without a proper post-excursion massage in your Melbourne hotel? Sure,…Read more

Alaskan Adventure: Discovering Life in Destination Valdez

Added by Michelle R July 21, 2010
I visited Valdez in 2009 while on an adventure trip with my good friend Sue.  We had just completed a five day Glacier trek and now we are about to embark on a 4 day camping and kayaking trip through the Prince William Sound. Now don't get the wrong idea, I will tell you straight up, Sue and I are not young fit adventurous people!…Read more

An Adventure of a Different Kind in Bali

Added by Sue July 18, 2010
After visiting Bali 19 years ago, thinking that I would possibly never return, I decided to go back and explore a different side and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I stayed at a wonderful little retreat set amongst the villages up in the mountains near Ubud and used this as a base to explore some of the natural wonders of Bali.…Read more

Egypt : Memories Carved in Stone

Added by Sue June 19, 2010
Egypt - Memories Carved in Stone   Totally enchanting while providing the traveller with so much history, culture and diversity.   Quite often the journey is as interesting as the destination and I'd have to say that travelling in Egypt is no exception. Keep an open mind, be prepared to negotiate and most of all, pack a good…Read more