« 8 Smart Safety Tips for Women Travelling Abroad

Added October 1, 2015
Girl on a bike in Italy

Let's go girls! There's no doubt that women are avid travellers, and for the right reasons. While more men tend to travel overseas for business, women mostly travel for leisure and enjoyment, says the ABS.

A TripAdvisor survey released earlier this year also revealed that women are becoming more and more independent when it comes to travel; 41% of the 9,000+ females in the survey stated they've travelled alone in the past, and 74% claimed they were planning a solo trip in 2015. Most desirable destinations ranged from Asia to North America, as well as Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia and Australia.

Yet accompanying the idea of solo holidays, which can boost traits like confidence, self-reliance and freedom, is also the importance of safety for women while travelling.
Whether you choose to travel alone, with a friend or partner or even in a group, safety should be paramount no matter where you go.

1. Research & Choose a Reputable Hotel

2. Before You Go, Register Your Plans

3. Once Your Trip Is Booked, Organise Travel Insurance

4. While Away, Avoid Late Nights & Dark Streets

5. If You Plan to Drink, Be Smart About It

6. Be Culturally 'Street Smart' When Travelling

7.Consider Organised Tours In Some Regions

8. Be Prepared for (Big and Small) Emergencies

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