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Added May 28, 2013

In years passed Aussies had very few options when it came to flying. Competition was low, and prices were high. Fast forward to 2013, and travellers have their pick of several different airlines. To that end, we've compiled a list of what people are saying about a few major choices that operate international and domestic flights in Oz.


Qantas owns and operates the Jetstar subsidiary, and both have been the recipients of mixed reviews online. You expect that with any carriers however, as everyone has their own benchmark of what constitutes a ‘good’ service. A quick look on social media sites reveals some interesting comments from patrons, but then again, people rarely comment when things are fine so you need to take these things on balance. Qantas, en masse, is considered to be a consistent and progressive airline in Australia. After all, it has a long legacy to uphold one might say.

Some have complained about the fact that Qantas has sported a decline since being sold off, but those who formerly couldn't even afford one of their tickets are happy to upgrade from the airlines they were flying on before. Although not all of Qantas' products and flights are top-shelf, the firm still deserves a solid four out of five rating for its convenient in-flight accommodations and maintenance of super high-quality upgrade options.

Emirates Airlines

Emirates has long been known as a luxury brand, but reviewers have taken points away for its rough economy services and common flight cancellations. Some Australians, however, find that Emirates flights are a great way to visit New Zealand and European destinations.

If you're flying business class, also note that the airline has pretty competitive pricing for this level of service. Unfortunately, the fact that reviewers say that the firm is extremely inconsistent in its long-haul services and that many of the planes it operates are cramped means that we can only give Emirates a four out of five.

Virgin Australia (formerly Virgin Blue)

While Virgin consistently earns high marks on its business flights, many passengers who flew economy have dividing views. Virgin is a solid performer, as many who have flown with them would attest, though not everyone shares the same sentiment. Turning to social media, there are mixed reviews as to its service, however once again, it needs to be remembered most people post at times of dissatisfaction and not what they consider to be ‘regular’ or ‘good’ service. Considering the numbers that actually fly each day, if everyone posted their thoughts it would undoubtedly weigh favourably for all airlines by that rationale.

Tiger Airways Australia

Singapore Airline's Tiger Airways Australia is a great way to fly on the cheap. Remember, however, that this is a low-cost carrier. People have had their luggage weighed at random, and some have even been assessed excess baggage charges for their carry-on items like jackets and water bottles. Staff members were reported to be completely unaware of flight statuses, and logistics flops caused numerous missed flights.

The parent company, Singapore Airlines, showed just as much variance in flight experiences. While many business and first-class flyers loved the firm, those who went for the cheaper services complained about being bumped from their seats and reassigned without advanced warning, problems booking in advance and out-of-stock basic amenities like toothbrushes. Tiger and Singapore definitely seemed to do better with longer flights, but overall, they only get a three out of five.

Taking Matters into Your Own Hands

As you can see, it's hard to objectively say which Australian airline does things better than everyone else. Every single one of the carriers we reviewed had stories about flight delays, lost baggage and booking issues. These trends have been especially notable in recent years as global fuel prices and operating costs have spiked dramatically.

Even if you think that you're flying with the best, you need to prepare for the worst. Research Australian travel insurance providers with the same diligence you use to investigate airlines just in case something goes wrong along the way.

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