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Getting The Right Travel Insurance For Adventure Breaks

Added by Sue September 20, 2013
Just planning an adventure holiday can get the heartbeat racing. The thought of white-water rafting through some fast flowing rapids or parachuting to earth from 10,000 ft is enough to really get the adrenalin flowing. But while activities like these are guaranteed to bring you excitement and exhilaration, you still need to use a bit…Read more

Extreme Adventures in New Zealand

Added by Guest Author January 31, 2013
New Zealand has long been a popular travel destination, especially for adventure seekers. Many come to the country to see the diverse wildlife, explore cities like Auckland and Wellington, enjoy outdoor recreation and tour the scenic destinations on both the North and South Islands. Others come to see the land of Lord of the Rings with…Read more

Five Adventurous Things a Travelling Pom Should Try in Australia

Added by Kristine January 25, 2013
Australia is a great place to travel if adventure is the goal. An adrenaline rush is almost guaranteed if travellers select the proper activity. Travellers must be ready for a thrill to participate in some of the most rewarding adventurous activities that this country has to offer. Most people feel the momentary fear is worth the views…Read more

Top Adventure Trips in Spain

Added by Guest Author September 28, 2010
  Spain is a large country with a varied landscape. There are some beautiful Mediterranean coastlines, vast open plains and stunning mountain ranges that offer fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities. Spain has quietly become one of Europe's premiere destinations for hiking, mountaineering, skiing and water sports and offers…Read more

Alaskan Adventure: Discovering Life in Destination Valdez

Added by Michelle R July 21, 2010
I visited Valdez in 2009 while on an adventure trip with my good friend Sue.  We had just completed a five day Glacier trek and now we are about to embark on a 4 day camping and kayaking trip through the Prince William Sound. Now don't get the wrong idea, I will tell you straight up, Sue and I are not young fit adventurous people!…Read more

An Adventure of a Different Kind in Bali

Added by Sue July 18, 2010
After visiting Bali 19 years ago, thinking that I would possibly never return, I decided to go back and explore a different side and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I stayed at a wonderful little retreat set amongst the villages up in the mountains near Ubud and used this as a base to explore some of the natural wonders of Bali.…Read more