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West Coast of Africa

Added by Rensina van den Heuvel October 9, 2017
The West Coast of Africa is a place that I have dreamed of travelling in for a 'lifetime'…but the opportunity never presented itself and I was always busy 'doing' other things. I have travelled in many countries now and as the world has changed a lot since my teenage dreams of it, Africa has waited. But I am 61 now and time…Read more

A Sheila Travelling Alone

Added by Trisha Wilson March 24, 2012
So said a curious Akubra wearing bloke at the Menzies Road House, ‘.. now that’s someone you don’t meet every day.’ A couple of hours later I was turning off a dirt road into a mine site where my fellow  traveller had insisted a welcome would be waiting should I decide to visit the mine and have a look…Read more