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3 Top Day Trips from Auckland

Added by Susan DeGoldi August 29, 2013
If you’re planning an upcoming trip to Auckland to see the rellies or conduct a bit of business, book in some time for pleasure. As well as being Kiwiland’s main business precinct, there are some beautiful Auckland accommodation options available as well as some of the best dining and wine-ing in the country. But if, like a…Read more

Lanzarote: Land of Caves, Craters and Cactus

Added by Melissa Nash May 27, 2013
This hugely popular destination located in the Canary Islands is a beautiful Spanish island, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Believed to be the first Canary Island to become inhabited, today, it provides a very pleasant home to not only about 100,000 Spaniards, but a number of other nationalities who have been drawn to the land…Read more