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48 Hours In Madrid

Added by Jess Singet February 24, 2015
I only had two days to explore Madrid. I would have preferred weeks, months, or even years to explore this enormous and historical city. But, even with only two days I was able to see plenty of this gorgeous city, while still having an amazing time. Here are some tips on how to see the best of Madrid in only 48 hours. What to do? Santa…Read more

Ancient History to Explore at the Balearic Islands

Added by Kayleigh Herbertson January 28, 2015
The beautiful Balearics are an archipelago of islands that are located in the Mediterranean Sea, near to the east coast of Spain. Three of the largest and most famous islands in the Balearics are Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza. Each island is home to an array of magnificent historical sites, as well as beautiful scenery and fabulous dining…Read more

Holiday for one please...

Added by Guest Author December 20, 2012
  Holidays for one are on the rise. According to statistics more than 4 million Australians travelled alone. At a time when holidays and travel bookings are falling fast due to the economy, single holidays are on the increase. Whatever your reasons for going solo, there will be a holiday to suit you. From group holidays with other…Read more

Exploring the Canary Islands: a sketch of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote

Added by Guest Author November 18, 2011
The Canary Islands are officially a territory of Spain, but while the locals certainly speak Spanish, the Canaries are in fact much closer to North Africa than they are to the Iberian Peninsula. This geographical location means that Canary Islands like Lanzarote and Fuerteventura can be comfortably explored all year round, as the…Read more

Backpacking in the Canary Islands: an introduction to Tenerife

Added by Guest Author November 18, 2011
Europe is a diverse continent in terms of language and culture, and also terrain. While the Mediterranean is the default choice for sunny summer holidays for many northern Europeans, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, such as Tenerife and Gran Canaria, offer both year-long sunshine, and natural conditions which provide…Read more

Top Adventure Trips in Spain

Added by Guest Author September 28, 2010
  Spain is a large country with a varied landscape. There are some beautiful Mediterranean coastlines, vast open plains and stunning mountain ranges that offer fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities. Spain has quietly become one of Europe's premiere destinations for hiking, mountaineering, skiing and water sports and offers…Read more

Best Day Spas in Melbourne

Added by Jack Ko August 31, 2010
In order to fuel that fiery intrepid spirit, sometimes a girl needs to pamper herself. Melbourne is a city with easy access to both pursuits: adventurous recreation and sweet indulgence. What good, after all, is a Great Ocean Road Walk or snowy Alpine National Park trek without a proper post-excursion massage in your Melbourne hotel? Sure,…Read more