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Hindu Temple Etiquette

Added by Brad December 10, 2011
  • Take off your shoes before entering. There will almost always be a sign outside of the temple pointing visitors to the designated area for shoes. The many pairs of visitors' shoes clumped together will tip you off.
  • Cover your shoulders and legs. Bring a shawl or sweater, and try to wear long pants or long skirts. Wearing tank tops or shorts in a Hindu temple is seen as disrespectful.
  • Ask permission before taking pictures. Make sure it's okay to use your camera, especially when taking photographs inside the temple of statues or images of Hindu deities. If you do take pictures, it's always nice to leave a donation.
  • Use your right hand. When handing a donation (or anything else) to a person, use your right hand.
  • Try not to wear leather inside. While this is not a steadfast rule, it is polite to remove leather shoes, belts, jackets, et cetera upon entering a Hindu temple.

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