Travel Tips and Advice


Take a copy of International credit card support numbers

Added by Brad January 5, 2011

Make sure to take a copy of the support numbers for stolen or lost credit cards with you.
Most companies have toll free or local numbers that will save you an expensive International call trying to sort out a new card (not to mention adding to the stress you're already feeling)


Wet Luggage Sucks

Added by Brad December 15, 2010

When using a soft suitcase, bag, duffel or even back pack line it with a heavy duty garbage bag and place your clothes, paperwork etc. in that to protect them from rain and water damage

*Tried and tested on a recent Bali trip were the baggage sat on a trolley during a heavy down pour


Medicine safety

Added by Brad August 21, 2010

Ensure your prescription medications are properly labeled and ideally have a photocopy of the prescription or doctors letter to backup the reason you have them.