What are your vaccination requirements for participants?

Guests over the age of 16 will need to provide proof of a valid COVID-19 vaccination (final dose received at least two weeks prior to departure) or valid medical exemption to our office prior to departure.

Final confirmation of your attendance is reliant on us receiving adequate documentation.
Our hosts/guides will not be checking proof of vaccination at the start of an event.

To avoid the embarrassment and the inconvenience of being turned away please ensure you send your documentation through as soon as possible.

What proof of vaccination do you accept and do you store it?

We accept electronic versions including digital certificates, photographs of valid certificates and vaccination histories as well as clear accurate screen shots of your check-in app displaying your current status.

Out of concern for the personally identifiable information found within many COVID passport documents we DO NOT store the information supplied, and have instead chosen to align ourselves with the requirement to sight valid documents used by most brick and mortar stores, restaurants etc.

We do however make a note with the date sighted and booster date if applicable for convenience so we don't need to ask for every event.

Please see the list of approved vaccines and other important information at https://www.health.gov.au/health-alerts/covid-19/international-travel/proof-of-vaccination

What if I object to vaccination and do not have a medical exemption?

We completely acknowledge and accept your right to choose what you feel is best for you.

Unfortunately we take our responsibility to all our guests, our staff and families and the communities we visit very seriously and have made the difficult decision to not accept guests without a valid, current vaccination or suitable exemption.

Please note this decision was not taken lightly and just as you have the right to make your own decision we reserve the right to ours

Will our host or guide/s be vaccinated?

As part of our policy as well as current government mandates for tourism and hospitality staff, all our staff are fully vaccinated and we currently seek the same with any business or local operator we partner with.

Do you provide Rapid Antigen Tests to participants prior to departure?

No we don't and there is no obligation for guests to have a RAT test, however we would strongly recommend participants take a test of their own accord 48 hours prior to departure if they are feeling unwell or concerned.

What happens if I or someone else tests positive to a RAT test during the tour ?

For the health and well being of other guests and staff on the tour, the person will be removed and any local government health requirements for a positive test implemented at the guest's own expense.

In any cases where our location means guests with a positive result cannot be removed, we will implement strict isolation and increased hygiene requirements until such time as well can remove the guest or the tour finishes.

Should your host or guide/s test positive to COVID or are deemed to have been a close contact we are required to follow the same guidelines and your host or guide/s may need to isolate.
In this situation, the tour may need to be temporarily suspended or postponed. Should this occur options for accomodation and/or any additional travel will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Due to the potential for interruption to your travel plans we recommend travel insurance be taken out.
Covermore and NIB are two insurers we know to offer COVID related cover but please check their PDS to ensure they are right for you.

If I am required to leave a tour due to a positive test will I get a refund?

Unfortunately after a tour is underway and all services are in place there will be no refund.

In this case you would be eligible (depending on your cover) to make a claim through your insurer for any unrecoverable costs and we can provide you with a letter outlining those costs in support of your claim.

I'm a close contact of a COVID case before departure, what do I do?

You must follow the current directives of your state or territory for a close contact. Typically this will require you to isolate for a period of 7 days but you must check local information to ensure you are aware of current regulations.

If you are able to complete isolation and return a negative test within the time frame specified prior to the start of an event or activity you may continue as planned.

If however your isolation period will not be completed in time for the start of the tour or activity, or you test positive during that period preventing you from participating, we will attempt to find a replacement for you, please note however due to the short time frame this is often unlikely.
For this reason we highly recommend you take out a travel insurance policy that covers COVID cancellation so you can look into making a claim for for the cost of the tour or activity.

Will our hosts or guides take a RAT test prior to departure of a tour?

Yes, all our hosts or guides undertake a RAT test within a day of departure of any multi-day tour or activity and must return a negative result.