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It was a great day, Some of us including me, had not kayaked before and I was impressed with the tuition and patience of the guide and group of ladies, which helped to make an enjoyable experience.


14/04/2019 Irene

A highlight for me was a Dolphin swam underneath our canoe, also a lovely group of women sharing a morning on the clear calm water. Shipwreck story interesting, hosts very welcoming. Thanks for a great morning.

14/04/2019 Gwyneth S

Amazing day snorkeling the crystal clear waters off Rotto. Absolute bonus when the seal lion dropped in on us WOW

07/04/2019 Kim H

Slightly challenging when going uphill. Nevertheless, the downhills were so much fun. Feeling and hearing the wind in my ears, taking in the speed i was going downhill was such a good experience. Ladies who i was cycling with were so motivating and i learned a bunch of tricks from them as well. Felt so accomplished at the end of it! Give Oaks Trail a go, you won't regret it! :)

07/04/2019 RK

Absolutely amazing trip. Loved every minute. Catching trams, trains and walking with the locals was fascinating. Japanese accommodation was a great experience. Sights, sounds, people all so different. The Cherry Blossoms were out in all their glory. As a Queenslander being snowed on in Hakone was just magic. So glad I did this trip. Congratulations Adventurous Women for making this trip such a great experience.

02/04/2019 Annette M

It was an unbelievable trip with a group of women who I felt at home with. The trip filled all my expectations and more. I would highly recommend this company to any woman willing to explore another country or areas of Australia where they did not want to go solo or step out of your comfort zone. I would love to do another trip in the future

02/04/2019 Jean Hammond

Loved Japan and experiencing the different culture. Cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Wonderful group of women to share with. Each day's exploring got better. Favourite places were Kyoto, Nara, Arashiyama and Hakone (especially waking up to snow). Japanese people were friendly, patient, helpful and honest. Amazing organisation considering all the transport we used. Even got used to sleeping on the floor! Will definitely be on future trips.

02/04/2019 Cathy B.

Sharing Japan tour with AW and Sue leading and guide Hitomi has been such an inspirational time and I've loved every minute with such a great group of ladies.

02/04/2019 Lesley

A wonderful introduction to the wonders of Japan will definitely head back to explore more in-depth

02/04/2019 Danae R

My daughter and I really enjoyed the course, both theory and practical

03/03/2019 Amanda

AMAZING WORKSHOP. I learned so much more than I ever thought I would in one day. I took home some awesome achievable self defence techniques and a brand new positive mindset on defending and protecting myself. 100% recommend to anyone wanting to feel more safe when out in public, at home or at work. I had a great laugh and met a group of lovely women. Fun, engaging and empowering!!

03/03/2019 Katy D

Lovely weekend away with a great bunch of women, new skills learnt, nutritious meals and a nice area to explore close to Perth.

16/02/2019 Gwyneth S

What a great weekend. It was great fun to meet and get to know a really friendly group of women. Being out on the water was so peaceful and a great way to switch off from work. The instructor and the AW guide were both fantastic. I thoroughly recommend this trip.

16/02/2019 Wendy R

16/02/2019 Jane M

Everything was great!

16/02/2019 Kate

Enjoyed the serenity of the week end. Learning techniques, good company and very well organised

16/02/2019 Sharon H

Great weather, great group, wonderful guides and organisation on the weekend, and lots of laughs...not to mention the food, which was fantastic.

16/02/2019 May C

such a fun morning, lots of laughs :)

10/02/2019 Mel van Deventer

Such a beautiful day walking in the magic of the Blue Mountains. Deb is a very considerate and always puts the safety of her group first. It wasn't rushed and we had plenty of stops to take in the views and rehydrate. Everyone was very friendly and supportive to each other. Great day out!

10/02/2019 Yvette

This was an amazing 4 days. Walking boots off along the pristine beaches was amazing.

01/02/2019 Max.F

The event was fantastic, canoeing on Sydney Harbour, couldn't be better, weather was great. Wasn't hard even for an older person. Very relaxing. Sadly not enough time to get to know anyone.

27/01/2019 Jenny Vindin

What an amazing morning, definitely doing that again.

27/01/2019 Adelle

20/01/2019 Jayne

Very enjoyable day despite the heat. Great group of women, lots of sharing. Great walk and good distance. The swim was a delightful surprise.

20/01/2019 Cathy B.