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A totally grounding time for me to recharge and re-energise.

A very cleansing weekend with so many amazing ladies.

03/05/2019 Amelia Marques

Great walk, challenging at times but the view was worth it. Wonderful time with the group. Morning tea was delicious!

16/06/2019 Jenny L

16/06/2019 Tracie

Thanks to Sue for lending me a walking pole and to Maz for helping me over and up some big rocks.

25/05/2019 Sue A

A fun day. All levels of fitness. No one left behind. Met a lot of new people. Our trail blaizers were well organised and intermingled with us all throughout the hike. Morning tea was scrumptious and catered to dietary requirements. I can’t wait for next Sunday’s hike.

16/06/2019 Suanne B

Really enjoyed this walk... such variety of forest. We even saw a little paddy melon Super close. Love these half day walks & Chris is a fabulous guide.

16/06/2019 Roz H

A challenging and rewarding experience as well as an opportunty to see vast areas of our unique and wonderful country.

25/05/2019 Carole Baetge

Loved this trip in the amazing Pilbara. Much credit to the two guides Sue and Marielle. They made it really fun and went above and beyond to ensure our enjoyment. even went as far as carrying all of our jackets across difficult terrain to ensure we had something warm to put on after a very chilly swim/wade through the gorge, not to mention the thermos of hot water for our morning tea. Cant recommend this trip and Adventurous Women enough.

25/05/2019 Di Harvey

Another fun AW trip in a beautiful part of our country.

Our guides, Sue O and Maz, worked tirelessly together to make sure everyone had the best time. They're almost on duty 24/7 but always had a smile and were always happy to help.

Countryside was superb, food was scrumptious, camping equipment was simple to use, in good condition and comfortable.

AW seems to attract a great bunch of girls and this lot were no exception, great travelling companions.

Thanks for a super trip and all the best for the future of AW.

25/05/2019 NarelleD

I loved this trip. I had an absolute ball. It was so well organised and the places chosen for us to stay were perfect. The food was amazing. I never went hungry and everyone was catered for so well. A special Thankyou to Sue O and Maz (our guides) for caring for us so well and keeping us entertained. I haven’t laughed so much in so long. The places we visited were magic. I would recommend this trip.

25/05/2019 Debbie F

Wonderful experience with a fun group.

Many thanks to Sue and Maz for looking out for everyone and making the whole trip great.

25/05/2019 Julie P

Loved it

31/05/2019 Alissia W

Night Hike was wonderful and a great start to the weekend.

31/05/2019 Vanessa Stockdale

19/05/2019 Lisa

It was my first walk with the Adventurous Women, and although I was a little concerned about my level of fitness, I was able to walk at a pace that suited me. With a leader at the front and one at the back, no one felt pressured to keep up a pace.

19/05/2019 Trish W

1st timers trying out something new. The hike was great as the views on reaching the top amazing.

Thank you for offering a try session.

19/05/2019 Kelly

Fabulous walk. Lovely ladies. So glad to have the opportunity to take part.

19/05/2019 Lyn

Great day - easy walk for most of the way (if someone could sweep the trail beforehand next time it would be appreciated - the honky nuts where everywhere) Jazzy was great and as usual morning tea was delicious

19/05/2019 Kay W

Fabulous experience with a brilliant guide and a fantastic group of girls !

08/04/2019 Susan McCluney

An amazing spiritual walk. Portugal is beautiful with beautiful people and food. The walk was through some very scenic areas and not toooo difficult physically. Accomodation was nearly all very special, with very tasty food. A big thankyou to our leader Sue O and Quinn.

08/04/2019 zoe

03/05/2019 Lyndall B

Very quiet and relaxing kayak tour. It was nice to be part of a small group; and I was glad to meet new people.

04/05/2019 Frederique R

Challenging and a fun day out with the Ladies!

05/05/2019 Gwyneth

An excellent retreat. A wonderful group of women. Sue & Bettina very caring. Food delicious. Would highly recommend this event.

03/05/2019 Kaye