We work hard to create value for members and to keep membership costs down. The following are our main points but in reality one of the greatest benefits we've seen over the past 7 years is the forming of life long friendships and the growth in confidence of so many women who have have shared the journey with us

  • It's a closed community where members can interact and organise their own activities safely and without being subjected to spam or unwanted attention
  • Club members receive varying discounts on ALL our travel and events that is frequently greater than their annual fee (Please see the trip or event you're interested in for exact amounts)
  • Promotions such as free movie ticket & other giveaways are run on a regular basis
  • We partner with a number of relevant businesses to organise discounts or special member only offers on presentation of your membership card
  • Your get a membership card so you can call yourself a card carrying Adventurous Women®