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I had a fantastic time! I loved exploring the Flinders Ranges and getting to know the camels. The hosts/guide looked after us extremely well and were very attentive. The food cooked was fantastic and we were never hungry. The Cameleers were very patient with us explaining what/how we needed to do things for the camels. I recommend this adventure but it's not for the faint hearted!

07/08/2019 Ruth L

I have done a lot of 'outdoor' activities, some more extreme than this as far as isolation, weather and trekking go. What makes this week unique is the camels. Because of this there are aspects of trekking with camels (and without porters, sherpas and other service providers), that could have been emphasized more by AW.

Loading and unloading of camels should be a 'many hands make light work' activity. If a few refuse to help it is unfair on those who do and also has more subtle negative affects on the group as a whole. There are many aspects of loading and unloading that don't just involve lifting e.g. placing and holding the blankets on together before the saddle is lifted on (almost impossible for one person if its windy), tying the knots and calming the camels. All of these activities were taught to us with patience and pride by Ryan and Greenie. The learning and doing of them gave us confidence and bonded us as a group as most required us to work together. On a practical level the participation level of people dictated how long it took us to embark on the day's walking. I felt that having some people refuse to participate had a negative affect on us as a group, however... despite all that I think we tried to not let it bother us and we made the most of what we had. The extra physical challenges, which we may not have faced to the extent we did if everyone had helped, probably pushed us to have a higher level of experience.

The thoughtfulness, organisation and care provided by Leonie to all of us was much appreciated. The way the whole trip, including to and from Adelaide, was organised was really well done.

07/08/2019 Helen

An amazing experience in the Flinders Rangers. A challenging but rewarding trek with Adventurous Women and Flinders and Beyond Camel Trek over 7 days.

07/08/2019 Vanessa O

An excellent walk through a great part of the Bibb track. The group of people were great with everyone of the same capability to walk the distance which makes it more enjoyable. Everything was really well organised from the communication in the lead up to the event and everything on the day. Really enjoyed doing a longer walk and would highly recommend.

17/08/2019 Sharon H

Loved this walk, & although the distance was challenging, I didn't think the track was particularly hard compared to other areas I've walked through. The beauty of this part of the Bibbulmun Track was outstanding & hopefully there will be the opportunity to visit this area again in the future

17/08/2019 Jeanne Heaton

Best day out n fun.

Thanks sue o

17/08/2019 Janie Teer

07/08/2019 Judy

Words can not describe what an amazing experience we had, nothing can quite prepare you for this once in a lifetime adventure. It's the little moments that are not captured on camera that make it more memorable. Leonie did an awesome job as leader and kept us laughing til the end.

07/08/2019 Maree

It was a superb day, so good.

Your food is always delicious to me as a vegan. Anyone who makes an effort is my hero :)

Thanks again, I look forward to more adventures in the future.

27/07/2019 Donna C

I loved the experience. My dream come true, Thanks Leonie as you are so caring and amazing.

28/07/2019 Maria Cervantes

Great walk and amazing views - some of those hills were a bit of a challenge! Choc chip biccies were a winner😊

27/07/2019 Jenny L

Great to experience Anstey Hill at night. Lovely to meet new people who a like minded and enjoy the outdoors.

26/07/2019 Betty A

26/07/2019 Tracy C

I had a wonderfully inspiring week away with a truly terrific group of women, very different from each other but all so warm and caring. Jess and Sue were a brilliant team, looking after our little group so very well, showing us the sights, guiding us on our treks and providing a delicious warm meal each evening. The Top End was awesome - stark and challenging and the whole experience is something I would highly recommend.

18/07/2019 Trish McIlwraith

It was an amazing trip. The places we went to & what we saw were mind-boggling. Sue & Jess made an extraordinary effort; they were tireless.

18/07/2019 Kaye M

Thanks to AW for a fabulous introduction to travelling with you.

18/07/2019 Lois G

it was a fantastic hike. A very scenic introduction to my first time on the track . A stunning sunny winters day with a great guide, Sue who set the perfect tone for the day & great company with group of like minded ladies.

14/07/2019 Tracey P

Loved the experience for my first Bibbulmun hike.

Our trusty leader guided us, fed us delightful morning tea, reminded us to drink water and complimented our hiking pace! Laughter, chatter and silence along the beautiful track.

Thanks AW!!

14/07/2019 Brenda Mann

Great walk in a beautiful part of the Bibbulmun Track. Lovely women from all different backgrounds which makes for stimulating conversation. Sue is, as always, a great hiking guide who each time I have been on a walk with her, has taught me something new about the flora and fauna. Thank you AW!

14/07/2019 Jenny P.

Kalamunda to Hewitt's Hut is a great walk with enough ups and downs and beautiful views to keep anyone happy. A great training walk for the C2C. Sue O is a font of knowledge and a great guide.

14/07/2019 lyndall G

Great day out on the Bibb, lead by Sue O as our wonderful guide, making sure everybody is having a great time.

14/07/2019 Lauren

Awesome day out with a group of gorgeous ladies. Sue O was the perfect guide, professional & friendly with great local knowledge. This was my first hike with AW but it certainly won't be my last! Highly recommended.

14/07/2019 Bec C

What a brilliant day!! The sun was shining, the scenery was stunning, company was awesome and our host Leonie was so warm and friendly. Perfect day. My face hurt at the end of it from smiling!

06/07/2019 Jennifer S

Host Leonie did a great job welcoming participants, explaining how the afternoon would be run and hosting the event. Ride was well supervised and guides kept a close eye on everyone. Horses were well behaved and matched participants’ riding skills. A very enjoyable experience.

06/07/2019 OlgaS