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Fantastic variety of experiences. Well designed tour - great introduction to Vietnam. Included great food, company, history, culture, activity and relaxation.

02/03/2015 Janice M

First timer on Adventurous Women Tour and had a great time. The other women on the tour were fun and easy to get along with. Lots to see, lots to do and new experiences to try. Enjoyed it all.

02/03/2015 Heather S

Short but sweet introduction to Cambodia.

15/03/2015 Janice M

thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. From trepidation at the beginning, from not knowing what to expect, to really enjoying the experience. Enjoyed the challenge of the physical activities; learning about Vietnam and seeing so much of the countryside. Learnt a lot about myself. Overall, the support, the sharing of helpful hints and the friendliness of the whole group was a highlight.

02/03/2015 jill s

The trip ran smoothly with hopping from a bus, straight into hotels. It was noted that it was a no princess tour, however at times I felt like a princess as we walked into restaurants with tables reserved. Great tour - great local guide - great Tour Manager

02/03/2015 Lisa G

I have just been a part of another awesome trip with Adventurous Women and, once again, am better for it! There were more "firsts" for me - quad biking, catching kounaks, eating kounaks, jet-skiing to name a few. I have changed, as I do every time I go on an AW adventure, and have formed more friendships with other women just like me - adventurous, smart, sassy, funny, caring, wanting to enjoy life more! A huge thank you and hugs to Sue for the work she did to get this trip going and for the massive amount of work she did each day to ensure our enjoyment!

07/02/2015 Kim R

Loved the drumming. It was a great way to start the day - on the beach drumming away to (sometimes our own) rhythm! I am a a born and bred Perthite and have never seen the Pinnacles so was glad to finally get there. I found the sharing circle interesting to note the different journeys that women have been through. Thank you AW. So glad to have found you :)

31/01/2015 Alexis N

What a great day. very well thought out.

31/01/2015 Fay S

Thank you for a wonderful trip. Great company, an awesome experience & loads of fun.

31/01/2015 Alison L

Another fabulous time spent with Adventurous Women! The laughs, the very diverse topics of conversation, the mix of ladies - altogether spelled FUN! Combined with some unique experiences, such as the drumming lesson, just made this day trip amazing! Thank you Adventurous Women!

31/01/2015 Kim R

A well organised, fun, relaxed, informative, day tour with a great group of ladies. I know people say there is always room for improvement, but I was happy with how the tour was for me personally.

31/01/2015 Janette W

Wonderful day, had heaps of fun

31/01/2015 Dianne W

Amazing trip and suitable for all ages and abilities. This was the right mix of free time and trekking. Each place was different and overall this is a wonder taste and experience of a beautiful country with beautiful people.

31/10/2014 Marietta C

Loved it! Had a great time right from day one to the end.

31/10/2014 Anne S

Sue Hile organised a fantastic trip for 10 ladies in Sri Lanka. I loved how we experienced so much diversity of this very interesting country. From trekking remote tea plantations and mountains to enjoying ancient ruins and religious sites to the big cities, we were lucky enough to see sights that will last a lifetime. Our accommodation ranged from luxurious to basic which all added to the "adventurous" experience. Sri Lanka is a very special place and the people are friendly, calm and polite. I would highly recommend this trip in the blink of an eye!

31/10/2014 Deb W

Very well organised, stunning scenery,not too arduous walking.

13/11/2014 Janice M

Its fascinating what a difference it makes just having all women along. We got on really well so quickly, it was as if we already knew each other before this trip.

13/11/2014 Jeanne H

This was my first trip and I would not hesitate in travelling with AW again.

13/11/2014 Maxine Ford

What an amazing trip! I look back now and find it hard to believe we enjoyed so many fabulous, diverse experiences in just 1 week. Now I know why this trip is one of the highlights of the AW calendar. Thanks Sue

23/07/2014 Sue O

Really liked the combination of Reef and Range. Gives a great perspective to what this beautiful state of WA can offer in terms of tourism. Station stays were fabulous.

23/07/2014 Suzanne H

A very enjoyable trip - challenging, but not overwhelming. I enjoyed traveling with like minded women who were from very diverse backgrounds - all very respectful of their fellow travelers.

23/07/2014 Janice B

Really enjoyed the challenging walks each day, the beauty of the coast and karri trees - stunning! A wonderful supportive group of people.

21/09/2014 GWYNETH S

Wonderful trip: great guides, an abundance of wild flowers, sightings of whales and dolphins, breathtaking scenery all made the trip a memorable experience

21/09/2014 Marg k

A very enjoyable 3 day walk, meeting new people, great tour leaders, excellent food and a magical walk.

10/10/2014 Sharon H