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I would put this Holiday I had with AW up there as one of the best holidays I have had in years. It was exciting, adventurous and you were always wondering what we were going to see next. This holiday is highly recommended to anyone seeking adventure and friendship all rolled into one. The Kimberley truly is a magical place.

09/08/2016 Jenni Thompson

Very well organised. Great weekend

24/06/2016 Kaye U

Had the best weekend with a lovely group of women enjoying the walk, scenery and food!! Back to nature with "no service" is something that should be done more often.

24/06/2016 Rae I

Excellent trip as usual!!

24/06/2016 Diana N

Absolutely loved everything about this weekend! It was well organised from start to finish. The accommodation was perfect for the group size. The food was amazing and better than I imagined. Thank you for catering for the gluten intolerant. The walk lengths were good and appropriate for the group. I could have walked longer. Very pretty area and the walking was lovely. Looking forward to doing more walking with AW. Thanks Sue times 2!!

24/06/2016 Anna crampton

I had a great time with the Queensland girls on this trip. Annette made sure everything ran smoothly.

16/04/2016 Dianne

Very professional - all queries promptly responded to. Tour guides knowledgable, friendly and supportive. Accommodation and meals excellent. A great adventure which I thoroughly enjoyed.

01/05/2016 Beverley T

This was brilliant. The people were great, the food was delicious, the pace was just right. The guides told historical tales, had a knowledge of Aboriginal history and explained environmental surroundings and jokes - all fascinating and funny. People had time to themselves to ponder about life and also had time to talk to others whilst walking, so it was a nice combination.

01/05/2016 Andrea M

I really enjoyed the walk, while it was challenging we always had the guides and the group there to support us. The description of the environment as we walked through various terrain was very educating. I feel I know more about Margaret River than my own region. I was lucky to be with a group that really jellied and I think that made a difference. I have already recommended the walk to others.

01/05/2016 Janine Ramsay

I was not disappointed for my first trip with AW and all my expectations were met from start to finish. I would be happy to recommend the tour company and AW to other people.

01/05/2016 Tanya W



Great trip, no complaints

28/05/2016 Robyn

Fantastic trip enjoyed every minute, Helen was wonderful and the staff and the guide on the barge fantastic.

28/05/2016 Susan Hall

A wonderful trip. A very good pace, many and varied activities set for all levels of fitness.

05/06/2016 Gay

I thought the tour was very well run and very laid back even though we seemed to be doing quite a lot. This made the tour feel quite relaxing and stress free.

05/06/2016 Jenny Llewelyn

Loved the trip,no complaints

24/06/2016 Sue Davies

This was a first for me with the Adventurous Women group and I loved it. My daughter & I want to be on the list for next year for this tour.

24/06/2016 Terri Ann Lucas

Excellent few days away. Annette is a great AW representative and organised everything so well. When I injured my ankle, Netty was very supportive and I was well taken care of.

16/04/2016 Jenny Llewelyn

Amazing. The care that oozes out of you and Sue was amazing. The way that you allowed everyone to go on their own journey was very important to us all. The parts of the track where we travelled gave a great overview of a very large area.

18/04/2016 Beryl Hedger

I had a wonderful time with a great group of interesting and positive women. The trip was extremely well organised with the perfect ratio of adventure and comfort. Thanks so much to the AW team. Will definitely be back.

18/04/2016 Chris V

Thoroughly enjoyed the few days. Company and food was great. Enjoyed the snorkling and enjoyed Cape Hillsborough. Looking forward to my Fiji trip in June

16/04/2016 Dale M

I thoroughly enjoyed my time away with the AW Team. Everything was organised perfectly. Sue H is a very responsible and experienced driver and i felt safe and secure driving around the South West chatting and laughing with all the other women in the bus. The food was scrumptious with plenty of healthy choices. Our guide, Sue O was very professional and considerate ensuring we were all comfortable with the pace of our walks. The tour was fun and interesting and walking through many different types of terrain was a delight! Thank you Sue H, Sue O and Brad for all your efforts to ensure we had a fabulous time!

18/04/2016 Deb W

I loved the tarkine. The scenery was beautiful. Well organized.

16/03/2016 Sharon M

love every minute of the trek and bike ride. Jazie was an awesome lady to trek with. very helpful and caring made the trek in so many ways.

06/03/2016 TINA P