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A great way to do the camino, having the comfort of accommodation and meals already arranged together with bags delivered each day and always available when we got to the next place. The comfort of not being lonely but being alone if you want to be ...and everyone does at some stage on the camino. Sharing with different people each night also works well as you get to know everyone. This trip challenges you physically, emotionally and mentally but makes you realise what you truly are capable of. All in all a great trip ...which entices you to want to see and walk more of the camino. Loved it.

14/04/2014 Leanne T

Borneo is a living Eden, with its lush dripping landscape, amazing limestone caves & beautiful stone river beds. It is like stepping back in time to a land that is still being discovered.

28/02/2014 Deb M

A great holiday, took me out of my comfort zone and I loved every minute. I felt a great achievement when I managed to do everything

28/02/2014 Marion S

wonderful trip

28/02/2014 robyn w

It was a great trip with a great bunch of women. It will provide me with some wonderful memories. Very well organised and Rony, the guide, was a gem.

28/02/2014 Lyn W

I loved this trip from start to finish. The animals, the scenery and the people of Borneo were amazing. Our local guides, Sue and all the Adventurous Women that came made it an unforgettable experience and I enjoyed every minute, even the climb up Mount Kinabalu (extension trip)!

28/02/2014 Amanda D

This is the first time I have ever travelled with a group like this one, and I could not have been happier. It was such a happy time, well organised, with lots of new experiences in our Borneo destination.

28/02/2014 Maxine B

I LOVEd the whole trip! Borneo is fantastic and beautiful. More clean and quiet than I expected. Great to explore different parts of the country, especially the nature aspect.

28/02/2014 Helen B

South West - Womens Weekend Adventure Escape

Wha a great opportunity to learn some new skills and to have a great time with other delightful AW members!

07/02/2014 Lesley W

Fantastic day out. Great way to get the brain working while still having a great time.

27/10/2013 Lyn M

Really enjoyed this event, great to give the brain a bit of a workout as well as the legs.

27/10/2013 Edie E

Kayaking Ningaloo WA

This trip was fabulous. The guide was very well prepered and she was like a walking google on wildlife. We could have used one more day on the kayakking.

13/10/2013 May-Ellen M.

Kayaking Ningaloo WA

A fantastic two days of great company, kayaking, snorkelling, camping and seeing an amazing variety of wildlife both on land and in the sea.

13/10/2013 Diana N

Five days of great company, amazing scenery, and lots of physical stuff like snorkeling, climbing in and out of gorges and canonying. Very well organised and the accomodation was good.

16/10/2013 Diana N

Really enjoyed the experience. Face to face with mother nature amongst the elements was amazing.

30/08/2013 Natarla B

I enjoyed all parts of the Cape to Cape. The accomodation was basic but a lot better than camping out. The combination of Sue Hile & Emily & Simon was special. Thanks for the amazing walk.

30/08/2013 Robyn Patten

Bibbulumun Track 3 Day Escape

I am so pleased I participated in the Bibb Track walk with my daughter, Ayla, and a great group of women. What a wonderful experience!

03/08/2013 Julie Anglesey

Bibbulumun Track 3 Day Escape

A great 3 days! I was physically challenged and wonderfully supported by H & O and encouraged by my walking buddies. It was my heaviest pack, so I was very pleased I pulled up so well. Thanks to our wonderful resident chef, Brad, for our very yummy dinners!

03/08/2013 Noela O

Bibbulumun Track 3 Day Escape

Great introduction to the Australian bush... some superb scenery and wildlife.. from the farmland at the start to the butterfly at the end.. before the rain came!!

03/08/2013 Peta S

Bibbulumun Track 3 Day Escape

I had wanted to hike on the Bibbulman Track for a long time and as researching the track was how I came across Adventurous Women, it was great to finally be able to hike a decent section of it. We had every type of weather which made for a very interesting and varied hike. The last 10kms through the pouring rain just made it all that more special...and adventurous!

03/08/2013 Kim V

Bali Balance

It was wonderful to meet a group of women who kept an open mind about new adventures. The upbeat mood and enthusiasm of the group made my holiday a very enjoyable experience.

16/06/2013 Nicki F

Bali Balance

I loved everything - was a great balance of getting me moving and putting me just out of my comfort zone to feeling spoilt and pampered. Have come back feeling motivated and refreshed. Thanks Sue O.

16/06/2013 Margaret C

Bali Balance

What a wonderfull few days. Everything was so well organised and explained. Thank you to Sue O and all the other ladies for making it so great.

16/06/2013 Fay Stewart

Northern Vietnam and Beyond inc 3 Day Mekong Extension

The trip was well organised. I had complete confidence in AW and hope to travel with them again in the future.

10/05/2013 Janice