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Everest Base Camp and Kala Patar Nepal

This was an amazing adventure. Alot more strenuous and challenging than I had imagined.

14/04/2013 Rashida.R

Northern Vietnam and Beyond inc 3 Day Mekong Extension

Wonderful two weeks which exceeded my expectations - now have the confidence to return to Vietnam on my own - loved the people, the country and the food and was sad to leave.

10/05/2013 Liz M

Taste of Adventure - Outback Experience

Great concept to suspend expectations and enjoy a variety of experiences all in one weekend - mystery, nature, culture, tucker, reflection, community, music, stars, FUN.

04/05/2013 Janice M

Taste of Adventure - Outback Experience

I needed a nice relaxing weekend away and this weekend gave me the relax with the friendships. A totally enjoyable time.

04/05/2013 Jasia H

Everest Base Camp and Kala Patar Nepal

Great Trip but physically and mentally demanding!

14/04/2013 K Philp

Taste of Adventure - Outback Experience

I signed up not really sure what sort of people I would be going away with, but having already had a bit of contact with Sue H & Sue O I was confident the group would be friendly and welcoming. It is often hard to try & "fit in" when you are new & most other people know each other but there were no issues and it was a lovely weekend.

04/05/2013 Raelene E

Taste of Adventure Outback Experience

What a fun weekend! Arriving at our destination by blindfold whilst listening to dreamtime music certainly put us in the mood for the experience we were about to have. From the bush tucker, to the didgeridoo, the damper, canoeing, chillaxing, campfire, hearty food, chit chat all weekend with the girls, fun and frivolity at the festival in town.......I'll be smiling about this weekend for some time to come.

04/05/2013 Kim V

Taste of Adventure Outback Experience

Loved being with the ladies. I probably would have liked more activities to put myself to the 'test' but thoroughly enjoyed the weekend nevertheless. You do a great job and I made at least one new friend out of the weekend :)

04/05/2013 Anne M

Everest Base Camp and Kala Patar Nepal

This was a truely amazing Adventure!!! Trekking through villages, along the river, over suspension brigdes, many many many steps up (and down), strolling Nepalese flats, crossing rocks, climbing steep and small pathways, all were part of the journey! It is such an impressive area, with beautiful scenery, wide views, and especially the MAGIC of this magnificent place contributed to my experience. Reaching the Everest Base Camp at 5356m was one of the many highlights along the way! It is about the journey, not about the goal. I will never forget this!!!!

14/04/2013 Helen Berger

MR bike, sip and surf

Fantastic weekend with a bunch of lovely AW women who were all there to enjoy themselves and have some fun. Even the traffic hold ups were a bit of a hoot!!

01/01/1970 Diana N

Sip surf cycle

Great- lots of fun

01/01/1970 Sheree M

This was my first overseas adventure with AW and it didn't disappoint. Everything was taken care of, including things I hadn't thought about! There was a great range of activities to experience and also opportunity to branch out by yourself. There was a lot of flexibility; as in you could opt out of certain activities too. It was great to have that safety net and also be able to share your experiences with newfound friends. Extremely well organized without being regimented - AWesome!

12/11/2012 Uschi C

Great holiday experience for the inexperienced traveller. Got to know some wonderful ladies and enjoyed spending fun times with them. Group very friendly and support and looked after each other. Tour guide fantastic, looked after our every need and everyone related really well to her. Given me much more confidence to go on other trips with AW. Great way to travel

12/11/2012 Rashida.R

I was delighted with the whole itinerary and everything about the trip. I particularly enjoyed the times when we took the less touristy and well-beaten tracks and found more out of the way places of interest. It was my first adventure with the "Adventurous Women" Group, and since we all survived, hopefully not my last.

12/11/2012 Delys H.

Fantastic trip, organization was brillant, never done so much in 2 weeks in my whole life, gr8 way to meet lovely women and have a gr8 time as well.

12/11/2012 Gaynor M

Outback Adventure October 2012

Could not have had a better group of women, ages 23-79. Host fantastic, Guide/driver/cook-everything looked after us from start to finish. Her knowledge and energy was amazing, and all those on this will agree that it was a great trip from start to finish. You think spending long hours on the bus would be a pain, but the time went so fast, you didn't even notice. Camping under the stars was great, Sounds of silence dinner fantastic. Walks incredible.

12/10/2012 Deb F

The Northern Thailand AW trip was a perfect mix of some "rougher" experiences, - trek and hilltop tribe visit - with plenty of "girly" opportunities - shopping, massages, shopping, mani's and pedi's, shopping! I loved the beautiful countryside we travelled through and the Thai people, (plus their food and craft skills), were wonderful! These elements, and of course the other ladies I travelled with, helped make my travel experience unforgettable for all the right reasons! Thank you Sue!

12/11/2012 Kim R

Out back Tour

I found the whole trip absolutely amazing. It's such a different holiday to join a group of people that you don't know, gel as a group and spend a great adventure together. I really found the break has totally refreshed me and I recommend it to everyone I talk to!! I felt the trip had total balance...enough adventure, enough down time, a great tour leader, great food ( great not eating out!!) I made some great friends and found the experience of getting to gel with people of such different ages and from such varying backgrounds such a life learning experience.People think I was brave to go on a trip where I knew me that's what made it so's a big wide world and it does you so much good to get out of your normal "circle" of life and living.

12/10/2012 Pam G

Northern Thailand

A wonderful, well planned and diverse activity tour. A great insight into the wonderful people and sights of Northern Thailand and plenty of free time to explore and discover for yourself. The other members of the group made for a memorable trip.

12/11/2012 Robyn R

Great trip, good mix of leisure and activity, amazing scenery and sites and good company. Well done again Sue H.

12/11/2012 Karen M

Bali Retreat

My trip to the Bali retreat was amazing. I had know idea what to expect but it was beyond anything I could have imagined. I went with my daughter who has been through a rough year and she just needed some time out, so we were probably a bit withdrawn from the rest of the group for the first few days, but the best thing about the retreat was that you did not have to join in if you did not want to.

The bike ride on the Tuesday was awesome and the day in Ubud was just great, I loved it so much am seriously thinking of going back next year. Karen has the retreat running to perfection and I am still on a high after being home 4 days. And the best thing of all is I am finally over the coffee addiction, have not had a cup of coffee for over a week,feel great for it . Yahoo

12/09/2012 Heather L

Bali balance

I thought this was a fabulous package, very well programmed and most enjoyable.

12/09/2012 Jomelle C

Reef N Rock

Thank you AW for taking us on an Awesome Adventure through out the vastness of WA and showing us her beauty in many hidden pockets. The georgeous group of women ensured hours spent on the bus were insignifincant compared to the spectatcular trip we were embarking upon. The accommodation was as fantastic as it was varied as we enjoyed the contrasts from eco tents to shearing quarters all with lots of character. Highlights were many but I loved the Pinnalces, Red Bluff took your breath away with it's beaty, Kayaking at Ningaloo reef was so amazingly spectacular and when we thought we had it enjoyed it all, it was outdone by the beauty of Karijini and our adrenalin packed day of cannonying, abseiling, paddling and rock climbing. It was a well planned out trip and I would do it again in a heart beat. Well done!

12/08/2012 Rhonda W

Reef n Rock

Would of loved to spend more time at Red Bluff and Karijini National Park to explore more of the wonderful gorges in the area.

12/08/2012 Ameliam