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Yet again I enjoyed every minute of a great Adventurous Women event! Fabulous fun doning the camo gear, smearing my face with more camo colors, then pretending to run around the place shooting at everyone! What an amazing experience - another 1st for me, but won't be the last. The absolutely scrumptious home-made gourmet meal at the end was awesome, washed down with a few drops of bubbly. A great way to get to meet and make peace with some of the other ladies I spent the day shooting at! Definitely looking forward to doing this one again... bring it on!!

23/07/2012 Sue O


Another fantastic event with The AWesome Adventurous Women! As always, the event was well organised and the mix of women was great.

23/07/2012 Noela O

Champagne and Sparkling (Susan Saleeba)

Great afternoon/evening as usual. Great to meet new people (and I'm getting better at small talk!!!) Susan was a great speaker and promoted a really worthwhile cause without forcing the fundraising down your throat!!

10/06/2012 Kirsten G

Champagne and Sparkling Conversation

I really enjoyed this event. Its my first non strenous event :) . The room was intimate enough without being too small or too big. Everyone new and existing members were very friendly. The format was relaxed and informal (which I enjoy and prefer) Im looking forward to the next event.

10/06/2012 Ag L

Sparkling Conversation & Champagne

I really love how you always have inspirational women come & talk with us AW ladies! As well it is a great opportunity to catch up with old & new AW ladies & enjoy a relaxing drink.

10/06/2012 Trish H

A wonderfully relaxing trip.

10/04/2012 Karen D

Bali Balance

My first visit to Bali and it way exceeded my expectations - everything was perfect from the beautiful surroundings to the amazing women who shared them with me.

10/06/2012 Liz M

bali balance. eat play love June 2012

Revitalising. Restoring. Empowering. I remembered what a jolly good belly laugh feels like :-)

10/06/2012 Judith M

Bali balance

A perfect holiday location, beautiful people, beautiful food, excellent company and plenty of laughter

10/06/2012 Denise

Bali Balance

So much more than I had expected ..... I am delighted in a still chilled way :)

10/06/2012 Lee J

Abseiling Bluff Knoll Adventure

Fantastic weekend with many challenges in overcoming certain fears and hurdles. Wonderful support from everyone who attended this awesome weekend as you were all so friendly and extremely encouraging. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks for organising this great outing through Adventure Out who were very professional and really well organised.    

13/04/2012 Ameliam

This was such a great trip, was nice to not have to do to much thinking as it was well organised, which mean't that i could enjoy walking and relaxing!

10/04/2012 Patricia R

NSW wine kayak

This was a well organized trip with a competent and encouraging guide. The pace was suitable for all and the instructions given were for beginners were clear and helpful. The food provided was great. The only improvement I would suggest is for the operator to provide personal flotation devices that were not so old and used.    

15/04/2012 Judy M

Bluff Knoll Abseil

This was an absolutely amazing trip. All the ladies were fantastic and we bonded really well as a very supportive, caring group.  On many, many occassions individual ladies were seen encouraging others in an extremely positive way. On Castle Rock ladies often paused on their own abseil to wait for a less confident lady, and abseil beside her. We were well prepared to act as each others' support, and religiously performed safety checks on each other, and offer encouragement especially on the Bluff Knoll abseil when a pair of ladies were alone on a ridge between pitches. The achievievement of ALL the ladies as they enthusiastically met the challenges head on, overecoming their fears an doing things they never thought possible was truely inspirational ... all the while with huge smiles on their faces!!



13/04/2012 Sue O'Connor

Just a wonderful variety from the tough climb to Mt Kinabalu summit, to trekking along the Headhunters Trail, walking through the most magnificent National Parks to experiencing the true Borneo. Thanks Sue Hile for making this happen. I just had the most amazing fun.

05/03/2012 Ameliam

Thanks to AW (especially Sue, Brad and Sue!) for organising such a fabulous Cape to Cape experience. It was well organised, the food was amazing, the scenery was spectacular and the company was hilarious. What more could you ask for?

10/04/2012 Anna W

Having now completed the Cape to Cape journey, a long-time dream of mine, gave me such appreciation for our beautiful landscape, rugged coastline and magnificent oceans that demand our respect. Being given the means and support to do this, at times, challenging walk by Adventurous Women to fulfill this rewarding experience makes me feel so privileged. Sharing the week with such a lovely like-minded group of women up for the challenge was uplifting as we endeavoured, no matter our age, to complete this renowned track.

10/04/2012 Lesley W

Kayak, wine & oyster tasting
Wonderful!  The weather was good, the water was calm and the oysters & wine were great. Our tour leader was charming & hilarious which added to the experience. Would recommend it.

15/04/2012 Sharon S

I had an absolute amazing time, a good mix of everything, esp loved the long boat rides down the river, could have done that all day. Great bunch of like minded women.  Only one thing was the transfer that were meant to be included (x 2 - transfer from airport to hotel & luggage moved to hotel during the jungle trek) had to pay for myself.  But not a bid deal as being Asia it wasn't overly expensive anyway.  But overall had a blast.  Now my sister wants to come on the next trip I do.

05/03/2012 Donna M

Surf Sip 'n Cycle

As always, it was an absolute pleaseure spending a wonderful weekend with some fabulous AW ladies. The ladies were extremely impressed, and very much enjoyed meeting each other and having a lot of fun. Tam and Rob from Dirty Detours were fabulous as always. Even with one of our riders who had a bit of a wake-up call on how unfit she was, thus walking rather than riding over a few stretches, Rob was wonderfully encouraging and put her very much at ease. Josh was as enthusiastic as ever, and very disappoionted and apologetic about the hazardour surf conditions. He definitely made the correct decision in deciding it was unsafe, and thus not feasible. He also offered the alternative of paddling on the river, but the windy cold conditions would have also made that unpleasant. The ladies all definitely agrreed... so we went to plan B. That being some fabulous coffees at the Blue Ginger Cafe (highly recomended by Rob and Tammy and they were right!) followed by the cheese factory, chocolate factory, Provadores and the Nut & Cereal factory! The accomodation at Surfpoint was not as favorable as it has been in the past. The kitchen facilities were very lacking - all the cutlery was plastic, as were the dozen or so plates and there were only perhaps 6 mugs and no glasses at all. Unfortunately we also experience the "quiet after 10pm" rule was completely ignored and unenforced. A very rowdy group of rugby players and ladies returned sometime around 3am and we all knew about it. It was a shame as it put a bit of a damper on things.

24/02/2012 Sue O

Wow! What a trip! This was my first overseas adventure tour and I can't wait to book on for another trip soon. Our host, Sue, was everything a host should be; a leader, fun to be with; organised and most of all passionate about our experiences. From Ronnie the orangutan, the sombreness and tranquility of the Sandakan war memorial to the trekking and the sounds of the jungle at night, this was an adventure I will remember forever. The only thing I found disappointing was the bats not making an appearance. However, I was assured that this was unfortunately not under the control of our tour guide, Duke, nor Adventurous Women.....maybe next time!! Thanks Adventurous Women for a fabulous and memorable trip through the heart and soul of Borneo.

05/03/2012 Kirsten G

CONGRATULATIONS &  a humongous THANK YOU  for one of the most SENSATIONAL things I have ever done in my life !!! This trip had a special agenda for me.....and all and anything beyong expections. The mountain trek and trip taught me many things about myself. What an awesome job putting this trip together, you are amazing !!!!!!Considering the amount of travel methods used throughout the trip, it was organised extremely well with all required info. Cheers for now  ")  I look forward to our next adventure

05/03/2012 Natasha T


A wonderful afternoon with some wonderful ladies.  Thoroughly enjoyed myself, and the sweet treats weren't half bad either.

11/03/2012 Susan B

High Tea @ the George

It was a thoroughly enjoyable event and great introduction to the group. Setting and food /service was was great. I found the other ladies easy to chat to and was made to feel welcome. Thanks Lorelle for a lovely event.

11/03/2012 Ro G