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If you need a hand just call your local visitor centre on 1800 812 808 as they're happy to help.


Voucher Criteria

As per the announcement, the voucher is aimed at assisting the Western Australia Tours Experiences. For the $100 Voucher to be applied to your booking, your shopping cart will need to include $200 or more and include eligible experiences.

Download Your Voucher

From 21 September you can download a voucher from
You will need to provide: Your Name, a valid email address, your residential email address & agree to the terms & conditions.You may also be required to show a photo I. D when redeeming your voucher.

Are The Vouchers Transferable

No, the Wander Vouchers are not Transferrable.

Who Can Claim A Voucher?

All Western Australia residents aged 18+ can claim a voucher. Only one voucher can be claimed per person. You will need to provide your details (Name, Email, Residential address) and agree to the terms and conditions via the registration form. 10,000 vouchers will be available.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Voucher?

Your voucher should be emailed to you within 24 hours of registration.

The Wander Voucher Redemption System Is Not Working, Can I Speak To Someone?

Due to high demand on the registration site during this time, we kindly ask you to please be patient and try back at a later time or email WA Visitor Centre and we will investigate for you.

How Many Vouchers Are Available?

There are 10,000 vouchers available, each voucher valued at $100.


The Promo Is Not Saving To My Phone Wallet

This is not critical to using the voucher, it is the actual promo code number that you need.

I Do Not Have An Email Address; How Can I Access A Wander Voucher?

A valid email address is required to receive your Wander Voucher. There are several accessible and free platforms to sign up for your own personal email address.

Why Isn't My Email Address Working

Only one email address can be used per voucher. The system will not accept duplicate emails. Please ensure the email address is active and spelling is correct.

I Successfully Registered For A Voucher But Did Not Receive My Voucher Email, What Should I Do?

Please wait 24 hours to receive your voucher. Check your spam or junk email folder. If you still have not received your voucher after 24 hours, please email the WA Visitor Centre ( for help.

What Happens If My Voucher Expires?

Your voucher must be used by 31 October 2020. This means you need to have booked and paid for your experience by 31 October 2020. After 31 October, any unused vouchers will be invalid.

I Have Made A Booking, But Have Not Received Confirmation Or Want To Modify My Booking?

If you have a question about an existing booking, please contact the Western Australia Visitor Information Centre, quoting your itinerary number.


My Voucher Number Is Not Working Online, What Should I Do?

  • Have you incorrectly copied the voucher number? Please note that the field is case sensitive, check if you have a space before/after, that the characters are entered correctly.
  • Does your cart have less that $200 of eligible product for each voucher being used? If so, add additional eligible products to ensure there is $200 of eligible product for each voucher used.
  • Has your voucher expired? Wander Vouchers can be used in a booking, up to 31 October.
  • Has your Wander Voucher been used already? Each voucher can be only used once. When a transaction is complete, the voucher number is automatically deactivated.
  • If using multiple vouchers, please check that the extra vouchers are required to affect the total price. For example, you cannot use more than 1 voucher for bookings of $200 or less.
  • The voucher may not be applicable to this product or service. Please contact WA Visitor Centre for assistance.
  • If no to all the above, please contact the Western Australia Visitor Information Centre team.

What Can I Use My Voucher For?

Wander Vouchers can be used for Tours Experiences. We have a range of combos or you can select and add to your shopping cart from our list of tours. We would love to book your whole itinerary for you including accommodation if you plan to travel outside of your region. Contact the WA Visitor Centre is if you would like a complete itinerary created and booked for you.

I Have Missed Out On A Voucher, What Should I Do?

Still register as you will be added to the waitlist. Any vouchers not redeemed by 31 October 2020 will be made available to those on the wait list (in order of registration).


How Do I Redeem My Voucher?

A digital voucher will be issued to the email address provided within 24 hours of successfully registering. To redeem, you can select and book at or if you would like a complete itinerary including a range of experiences prepared, you can visit and present your voucher in store at the WA Visitor Centre, 55 William St, Perth. Alternatively, you can email a list of preferred experiences and we will return a quote for you.

Can The Voucher Be Used For Existing Bookings?

No. Bookings must be made after the voucher date of issue.

How Long Do I Have To Use My Voucher?

You will have until 31 October 2020 to book your experience. You will have until 31 December to enjoy the experience. This is the Wander Vouchers process:

Monday 21 September 2020 - you can download the voucher from 10am
Saturday 31 October 2020 - bookings should be made and paid and vouchers applied to the booking
Thursday 31 December 2020 - All travel must be complete. We encourage you to book early.

Can I Redeem The Balance Of The Voucher And Use It Later?

No. Those who receive a voucher will need to spend at least $200 in order to receive the $100 discount on WA tour and/or experience (s).

Can I Use More Than 1 Voucher Per Booking?

Yes. Each voucher will be capped at $100 per $200 spent. Example scenarios:
If your purchase is under $200, you will save 50% off the total booking cost by redeeming one voucher.
If your purchase is $200 or over, you will save the maximum $100 off the total booking cost by redeeming one voucher.
If your purchase is over $200, you can increase the maximum discount by redeeming more vouchers. With 3 vouchers you can save up to $300 if this does not exceed 50% of the total booking cost.
In all cases, eligible tour and experiences must be booked.

How Do I Decide What To Book?

Take some time to find your Wander Experience on You will see that you can select several individual tours into your shopping cart, or you might find one of these Combos are suitable. If you are still unsure, contact the team at the WA Visitor Centre for help, just email the following to us:
- Preferred dates for travel (From when to when?)
- number of people travelling
- # of vouchers claimed
- experiences of interest
- where you are located (address)
- are you willing to drive?
- What is your budget

We ask for your patience as it will take a little time to create your Wanderful Experience.

Can I Use A Voucher Directly With A Business?

No. The Wander Vouchers can only be redeemed at an accredited visitor information centre and our team at the WA Visitor Centre, 55 William St, Perth, can help you.

Can I Use The Voucher To Book Flights?

The voucher is not redeemable for point-to-point flights. It can, however, be used for a scenic flight which you can book through the WA Visitor Information Centre.

Can I Use Other Vouchers In Conjunction With Wander Voucher?

The A Million Ways to Wander out Yonder Wander Voucher is not affiliated with any other voucher, offers or discount systems currently in the market.

My Purchase Does Not Use The Whole Value Of The Voucher, Can I Book Something Else?

Yes, but it must be booked within the same transaction. Once you make a booking using your voucher, the voucher will be marked as redeemed. Any unused dollar value of the voucher will be reinvested into the pool for somebody else to access.

The Experience I Want To Book Is Not Available From The Western Australia Visitor Centre, How Else Can I Book It Using The Voucher?

The operator/experience needs to first be eligible to participate in this promotion and be set up to take bookings via Bookeasy.

I Have Booked An Experience But Need To Cancel/change For Another Time

Please contact the WA Visitor Centre ( cancel your booking as vouchers are non-refundable and it is likely cancellation and administration fees may apply.

WA Tours and Activities All Tours

Girls on the track

Highlights of The Bibbulmun Track
Western Australia

Mon 4th April 2022
From: $1995 per person
The Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia is one of the world’s great long distance walk trails & we're delighted to be sharing…

Club Members Save $100.00 per person

Many hands make light work

Ningaloo Reef Adventure Escape (2)
Western Australia

Mon 23rd May 2022
From: $2395 per person
Get away from it all and immerse yourself in the beauty of Ningaloo Reef - Kayaking, Snorkelling, Camping, Hiking & Swimming

Club Members Save $100.00 per person


Ningaloo Reef Adventure Escape (3)
Western Australia

Mon 13th June 2022
From: $2395 per person
Get away from it all and immerse yourself in the beauty of Ningaloo Reef - Kayaking, Snorkelling, Camping, Hiking & Swimming

Club Members Save $100.00 per person

Our group ready to roll

Camino Salvado Trail | End to End
Western Australia

Sat 27th August 2022
From: $2695 per person
The Camino Salvado Trail, not only links the city with the bush, it also links us to our past and to our future... we invite you to…

Club Members Save $100.00 per person

Time for a break

Cape to Cape Track - End to End Hike
Western Australia

Tue 6th September 2022
From: $2350 Per Person
This is not just a walk....its an experience like no other! Breathtaking views, great company, friendly and knowledgeable guides, a…

Club Members Save $49.00 Per Person

Bungendore Park

Backyard Blitz - Bungendore Park Walk
Western Australia

Sat 30th October 2021
From: $30 per person
Join us as we explore the A to Z of Bungendore Park, while experiencing the natural beauty & bush delights of this hidden jewel!

Club Members Save $5.00 per person

Figuring it all out

Learn the Basics of Orienteering
Western Australia

Sat 13th November 2021
From: $45 per person
How about a little treasure hunt ... well sort of!! Come join our AW Guide as she introduces you to orienteering, it's fun, social…

Club Members Save $5.00 per person

Blue Boat Shed

Waterbike Sundowner on the Swan
Western Australia

Sat 8th January 2022
From: $95 per person
Who's up for a Guided Social Cycle on Water, followed by a cheeky little Sunset Sundowner on the Swan?

Club Members Save $10.00 per person

Gorgeous Property

Farm & Trail - Happy Camper
Western Australia

Fri 29th October 2021
From: $265 per person
Fabulous walking, exploring an area not so heavily trodden, camping at a wonderful property, eating great food & enjoying the…

Club Members Save $30.00 per person