Girls throwing their caps in the air in New Norcia after completing the Camino Salvado Pilgrims Trail

For many people a pilgrimage is a chance to reconnect, to take time out to focus not on the destination but on our own life and that of others that we aspire to be like. Both the distance and the beauty and wonder of the natural environment contributes to this experience, as does the comradeship of fellow travellers.

Adventurous Women® are proud to have have been providing supported Camino Salvado Pilgrim Trail walks in Western Australia for a number of years.

The trail follows in the footsteps of Dom Rosendo Salvado, a Spanish Benedictine monk pilgrimage from St Josephs Church in suburban Subiaco to establish New Norcia in 1846. The Camino Salvado follows the Swan River through historical Guildford, along the mighty Avon River and through numerous National Parks, farms and local small communities within the region and features incredible displays of wildflowers during Spring

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