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Beautiful hike into the Portals. Expertly guided by Kat and Caron. Both girls are knowledgeable, confident and work very well with each other, each bringing different skills to each event.

03/05/2021 Rhonda D

Awesome overnighter with Jaz & the AW ladies! Jaz worked so hard to make sure we were all catered for. The visit to Barna Mia was amazing, loved seeing the Nocturnal animals especially the Bilby!

01/05/2021 Lainie

Fabulous walk and evening spotting the nocturnal animals, wonderful ladies, great food, comfortable accommodation and terrific weather! What more could you ask for? Thoroughly recommended for any lady wanting walking companionship.

01/05/2021 Ulrike

What a great weekend - such a lovely friendly group of ladies. And Jazzy our guide was wonderful as usual. But what did I like the most? It was that I learnt stuff. I had never heard of Dryandra before, I hadn’t heard of half the animals we saw, and I saw a Bilby for the first time ever (I just thought they were an Easter chocolate).

Lastly the food was fantastic, as it always is. Thanks everyone.

Oh and I loved the cute cottages we stayed in. Wooden floor boards are just the best.

01/05/2021 Kay W

What a trip! So much fun... great women, great guides. I'm hooked 🤣.

23/04/2021 Julie Adams

Absolutely fabulous five days of fishing, fun and frivolity. Thank you to Sue for organising a great trip and to Troy & Alex Perth Fishing Safaris. I can't wait to do it again.

23/04/2021 Anne

Fabulous fishing trip in Shark Bay. Well organised. Great company. Everything I expected it to be.

23/04/2021 Kathy S

Great 4 days to Grampians...lovely part of Victoria.

Guides went above and beyond

Walks wonderful

16/04/2021 Lisa Gort

What a wonderful pair of guides. So much effort had gone into researching and making this inaugural hike one that all could enjoy.

09/04/2021 Carol N

The whole trip was awesome, fantastic. Good value for money, everything was beautifully organised.

17/04/2021 Neelam B

16/04/2021 Beverley T

Great morning tea biscuits. Fantastic guides - Sue and Leonie are great. They made a great mix of very different people work. Great bits of information and made it very appealing to keep involved.

18/04/2021 Janelle

The girls were very helpful in assisting to ensure you felt comfortable on the horse before leaving your side. I was more nervous than i thought i would be, so i really appreciated this.

18/04/2021 T

Another great AW trip

09/04/2021 Anne McNamara

A fabulous getaway with a great crew of women. The history of the early pioneers coupled with some lovely walks and fantastic accommodation/food made this inaugural Heritage Walk really enjoyable. The storytelling made time in the pioneer cemetery and old church yard feel like you were seeing old family members. So glad I got to learn about Georgiana Molloy....she deserves a school being named after her.

09/04/2021 Lyndall G

09/04/2021 Val

Very friendly and helpful guide

10/04/2021 Cathy N

10/04/2021 Jodie

I had a great day out with fabulous guides. It's nice to be able to get out with other like minded women for adventure and fun!

10/04/2021 Teresa W

Enjoyable easy going walk with variety of scenery and good company along the way

11/04/2021 Maureen D

Sue O and Leonie did a fantastic job responding to the incident, they remained calm, reassuring Phillipa and managed the situation as best as possible. Very reassuring know that if anyone was to find themselves in trouble that you are safe and supported should anything happen. And as always the baking is top notch. Thanks Brad.

10/04/2021 Lauren R

Very friendly and helpful guide

10/04/2021 Cathy N

Although we didn't finish our walk it was a comfort to be able to witness how our leaders handled an accident situation. It just confirms that all of us ladies ARE in safe hands when we are out on our adventurous hikes.

10/04/2021 Di M

I always have best fun & hike with AW.

All wonderful ladys & team guide Sue O was best fun everytime. Delicious morning tea always yummy too.

Three time I been on this hike, I love it everytime & no disappointment at all.

10/04/2021 Janie Teer