7 Destination Hotels in Australia for Women

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and home to some of the world's most amazing hotels. Aside from the famous landmarks in the country, seeing the inside of an Australian hotel is an experience in itself. When it comes to luxury and gorgeous views, the hotels in Australia can't be beat.

To make your vacation extra special this year, you can book reservation online and take advantage of a luxury hotel that comes at an affordable price comparable to cheap hotels in the country. When you're online, hotel booking your next vacation, be sure to look out for the following top seven destination hotels to stay at during your visit to Australia.

1. Park Hyatt Melbourne

The Park Hyatt Melbourne hotel puts you in a perfect location for all of the fun and exciting attractions and landmarks the famous city of Melbourne has to offer. The hotel is located at the top of Collins Street across from St. Patrick's Cathedral and overlooking a picturesque area with breathtaking Victorian architecture and surrounded by beautiful Fitzroy Gardens. With a wide variety of elegant and spacious facilities, the Park Hyatt Melbourne allows guests to live a life of luxury and ultimate comfort throughout their stay. Guests can take advantage of the many comfort-enhancing amenities and enjoy fine dining and drinking in the hotel's restaurant and bar area. 

2. Hayman Island Resort

Located in Australia's Whitsunday Islands between Queensland and the world famous Great Barrier Reef, Hayman Island is the perfect getaway for vacationers of all types. The first-class hotel features an astonishing 244 guest rooms, suites, penthouses and even a beautiful beach villa. Nearby, guests can enjoy gorgeous ponds and heavenly waterfalls along the dreamlike gardens and walkways. The unique design of the hotel blends in with the natural beauty, from the restaurants to the marine facilities.

3. Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa

For ultimate women’s relaxation, look no further than Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa located in the awe-inspiring Blue Mountains in New South Wales. Perfect for a romantic getaway, the resort is located in a historic country mansion surrounded by perfectly groomed gardens and nature in all of its glory. Visitors can take advantage of the pampering spa amenities that allow guests to truly indulge and emerge feeling more refreshed than ever. Aside from pampering yourself, guests can get in touch with nature by exploring the pure beauty of the Australian wilderness with aromatic eucalyptus trees and vibrant flowers in bloom.
Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa

4. Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa

The Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa also offers a spectacular view of the Blue Mountains, in addition to other picturesque scenery surrounding the resort. Located within its own personal conservation and nature reserve, the resort truly sets a unique name for itself that environmentally conscious guests will truly appreciate. Offering more than 40 free-standing suite rooms, the Wolgan Valley Resort creates ultimate luxury and relaxation. Take advantage of the private pool and terrace, exquisite spa, fine dining of only local and organic foods and unmatched service from the friendly staff at the hotel.

5. Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

Located right between the world-famous Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, the Shangri-La Hotel in gorgeous Sydney, Australia is perfect for travelers looking for the most comfort and breathtaking scenery around. You can count on a five-star experience at this amazing hotel, with spacious rooms, endless amenities, complimentary refreshments and a private lounge designed to enhance your stay in lovely Australia. With plenty of first-class restaurants and bars to choose from, guests can count on a truly satisfying meal and an exciting trip with friends and family.

6. Stamford Plaza Brisbane

With 252 beautiful guest rooms and more than 22 floors, the Stamford Plaza Brisbane hotel is a landmark in itself. The hotel, best known for its breathtaking decor and incredible service, makes every traveler feel right at home in their gorgeous suites. Each room features a beautiful view of the Brisbane River, which only complements the unique and detailed decor and impressive amenities. You’ll have complimentary wireless access and storage safes in each room so guests can stay connected and feel secure during their stay.

7. Voyages Longitude 131

For a truly unique visit to Australia, the Voyages Longitude 131 hotel features crisp white tents as shelter in the secluded Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia. Guests may be sleeping beneath a tent, but the king-sized white linen bed is anything but rough living when combined with the other amenities offered. You’ll experience true nirvana and a beautiful night sky filled with stars while local Aboriginals tell stories and display their unique culture. If you're looking to truly get away from it all, the Voyages Longitude 131 is a must to stay at during your Australian vacation.

Bucket lists and travel plans are two things you’ll find together more times than not; travelling the world is something most people dream of all their lives. Well, if Australia just happens to appear on your list and you’re planning to make it a high-class excursion, check out these cheap hotels for ideas and you’ll be able to check Australia off your bucket list sooner than you thought.

This guest post article was written and provided by world traveler, freelancer writer and consultant for Expedia, Erica Gustafson. Out of the hotels on this list, Gustafson enjoyed Hayman Island Resort the best as it was more secluded than the other hotels.

Erica Gustafson

World traveler, freelancer writer and consultant for Expedia