Best Shoes Take On An All Women's Adventure Trip

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When planning your next adventure trip with your closest girlfriends, one of the first things you are likely to consider is what to pack. To fully enjoy the freedom of these holidays, limiting your baggage to only the essentials is vital.

Selecting the ideal travel footwear for your adventure holiday offers you more freedom in packing an additional pair of shoes for other activities or events you hope to attend. Whether you choose to include a strappy pair of heels for evenings out or your favourite New Balance shoes for long walking days through the city, it is crucial to limit the number of shoes you pack to ensure your luggage remains a manageable weight with enough space to carry everything you need.

What to Prioritise

When searching for the ideal travel footwear, it is worthwhile considering three main points of criteria to ensure your selection perfectly combines function and fashion. By doing so, you largely eliminate the need to pack multiple pairs of additional shoes, freeing up much-needed space in your travel pack.

Firstly, you want footwear that has all-day comfort for extensive walking and standing, with light insulation and either waterproof capabilities or high water resistance. Secondly, you need shoes that are well-suited for long city walks and trekking across short hikes. Having good quality terrain versatility means you don’t have to pack an additional pair of shoes should you choose to get out into nature.

And finally, selecting a pair of travel shoes that are relatively stylish and fashionable offers an alternative option when dressing for a night out on the town. While it is likely that many people will pack dressier shoes to wear in the evening, you will appreciate having a comfortable footwear option on the days your feet need extra support.

Top Picks

The perfect pair of travel shoes for you largely depends on the type of holiday you plan to take and the time of year you will be travelling. Different climates, terrains, and activities will prioritise different features, so ensuring you select appropriate footwear for your unique needs is vital.

Best Overall

The best travel shoe is one that combines stylish features with immense functionality. Select a shoe with waterproof properties and a wide toe box to guarantee all-day comfort for city walking regardless of weather conditions. Newer models are typically very lightweight, meaning they pack away well should you want to bring one or two additional pairs of shoes with you.

Because of their build, they are typically not as sturdy as proper winter shoes, with less grip on icy surfaces. However, their waterproof materials will easily carry you through puddles and snow without the risk of wet feet.

Cold Climates

If you plan to do extensive hiking in cold winter terrains with the occasional city break, the classic Timberland work boot should be the obvious choice. Not only are they incredibly sturdy for days along the hiking trail, but they are also stylish enough to wear for dinner in the city.

The sturdy rubber sole offers all the traction you need for gruelling trails and terrible weather. At the same time, the insulation materials will keep you comfortable and warm in cold and mild temperatures. The only downfall to these popular shoes is their tendency to run narrow in the toe box, often requiring time to break in properly.

Refreshingly Spring

When travelling during springtime, you have a little more flexibility when choosing the perfect shoe. The highly waterproof and insulated properties of winter boots are no longer needed, and the improving weather allows you to explore alternative materials and designs.

Select a pair of ankle boots made from soft, waterproof leather, which requires no breaking in and is fashionable enough to pair with the majority of your outfits. The flexible nature of the fabric conforms to your feet, with leather getting softer and better with age. Ensure the shoe has high-quality rubber soles with excellent traction that can take you off-pavement when needed.

Mostly Dry Weather

When travelling in dry climates and conditions, having a sturdy pair of comfortable shoes for long walking days is vital. Select a pair that carries a strong, supportive arch and good-quality moisture-wicking materials to absorb sweat and keep your feet dry. This will avoid any unwanted rubbing and blisters.

Furthermore, look for options with excellent traction for dusty surfaces and a wide tongue that makes them easy to take on and off. While it is crucial that they fit correctly, avoid a pair that is overly snug, as the added friction can lead to open blisters and painful feet.

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Wet & Rainy

For wet and rainy climates, you can’t go wrong with a sturdy pair of good-quality rain boots. While they typically have light insulation, they are fully waterproof, guaranteed to keep your feet and socks bone dry.

Additionally, their sturdy rubber soles feature fantastic grip, ensuring you are steady on your feet walking on slick surfaces. If you plan to wear your rain boots during colder months, it is best to size up, as this will allow you to wear thick winter socks without your shoes becoming too tight and restrictive.

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