How to Travel More While Working as a Nurse

Holding down a full-time job leaves little time for leisure. Most people only get about a few weeks per year for vacation. Given the limited time and resources, travelling during vacations isn’t always an option.

There are certain jobs, however, that allow people to travel as part of their work. They get to visit new places, try new things, and experience more parts of the world while doing their job and getting paid for it. Jobs such as travel sales, piloting, cabin crew, travel blogging, and a few others involve travelling. The good news is that nurses now travel wherever they want, as part of their job.

Gifted Healthcare is an agency that was founded by nurses to give clinicians the opportunity to serve while they use their knowledge and skills to deliver the best healthcare possible. The caregivers who work for the agency provide top-of-the-line professional services and enjoy the experience. You’ll have the chance to explore new locations and experience new cultures while providing care to your patients. You’ll also get to see how things are done all around the country and pick up new and valuable skills.

Travel nursing jobs

Travel nursing jobs give caregivers the opportunity to visit new places and work with new and interesting people. You can work in any region across the United States. Just select a state you’ve always wanted to visit and the agency will do the rest for you. You will also enjoy competitive salaries, housing benefits, and more.

Assignments can last between 8 to 26 weeks and there is 24-hour support available to help make the experience as comfortable as possible for both nurses new to travelling and experienced nurse travellers. The travel contracts are personalised to suit every nurse and the travel nursing job schedules are controlled by the nurses. There is a great balance of both flexibility and stability that comes with this opportunity.

Local contracts

Along with travel assignments, Gifted Healthcare also offers local contracts close to you that can help diversify your career. The long-term assignments are stable and will supplement your income.

Per diem nursing

There are also per diem nursing opportunities where you can enjoy the freedom of setting your own schedule. Here, you can receive full-time benefits while working part-time. You will get to work flexible shifts in a variety of excellent health facilities around the country.

Government nursing jobs

If you are looking to get a government nursing job, the agency can get that for you. On these jobs, you’ll care for the country’s heroes. You can use your current state nursing licence to work anywhere you want in the U.S. The whole process can take as little as 14 days and you’re on your way to your dream government job. The contract can last from 1 to 5 years. You can enjoy both local and travel assignments, you get premium pay, great nurse/patient ratios, day and night shifts, day ONE health benefits, and it is a great advancement for your nursing career.

Infusion nursing jobs

There are excellent infusion nursing opportunities you can take advantage of to advance your career. Nurses with experience in administering a variety of intravenous therapies are needed across the country to provide care to patients of all ages. Care can be given to many patients in a variety of practice settings. On these jobs, there is an opportunity to travel and extend your expertise to patients who need them most.

LTAC nursing jobs

LTAC nurses can provide optimum care to patients with severe medical conditions across the country. These jobs offer the opportunity to earn a competitive salary, make a meaningful difference in your patients’ lives and travel while doing it. The experience will be a great change of pace, it will be challenging and also educational. It will help you expand your knowledge and abilities in a secure and exciting environment.

By using Gifted Healthcare travel nursing job services, you will experience new and exciting places while advancing your career and earning a competitive salary. You no longer have to wait for the few weeks set out in the year to go on vacation and barely have the energy or funding to enjoy a trip you really want to take. The agency will take care of most of the paperwork and job sourcing. You have to choose a location and speciality and they will handle the rest. Even though they do most of the work, you still have total control over what you do.


Editorial Team