Is it time to go on an Adventure?

Are you slogging through your day? Is it time to go on an adventure perhaps?

I've had to dig really deep over the past couple of need for the why's or the how's .... it's life and I'm sure everyone has got their own hurdles to jump, but I thought I'd share this message as it just may resonate with you and help you to move forward in your own lives, if you're feeling a little stuck at the moment.

I allowed my thoughts to take me back to a time where anything was possible .... yep, even before the beginnings of Adventurous Women ®™ (can you believe it)!! I was 10 years old, my primary school teacher "Sticky McGlue" ... bless her heart... used to read 'The Hobbit' to us every morning before we began our day's work.

This story was to have a big influence on my life, even before I knew it.


Because of the message it conveyed, the spirit of adventure, risk and growth, the value of friendships, of perseverance against all odds and doing what's right instead of what's easy, the same things I love when travelling.

I just needed a gentle reminder.... and maybe you do to :) Sue x


Sue Hile is the founder of Adventurous Women and currently lives in Perth, Western Australia along with the three most important men in her life, hubby Brad and their two boys.