If you have a question that's not covered here, drop us an email: info@adventurouswomen.com.au

Am I too old to join one of your tours?

You're never to old! You just need to be mobile without assistance to join all of our tours though. We've had ladies in their 70's & early 80's travel with us - Age is no barrier when it comes to Adventurous Women®!!!

I don't have a friend or partner who can travel with me, do you take solo travellers?

Most of our travellers are solo, they come along by themselves and go home with a whole bunch of new travelling friends! When on tour, we have you sharing with different ladies from the group at different times - great for group bonding and also for alleviating any potential annoyances that may occur as a result of travelling with the same person throughout a tour.

I'm not an Adventure Club Member - Do I need to be?

You don't need to be a Club Member to travel with us, or join in any of our local events, as these are open to everyone!

The idea of keeping an area of our website private and only accessible to 'club members', is to encourage ladies to get together in their own city and enjoy activities with one another, to keep in touch with other travellers after they've met on one of our tours or events, find potential travel buddies and/or to receive discounts for any group travel, tours or events they join.

How fit do I need to be to take part in an adventure?

Our adventures are loads of fun and can be enjoyed by anyone who has a reasonable level of fitness. However, some of our travel adventures visit remote areas where medical facilities are very limited or non-existent, so you must be in good health. Note that some travel adventures may include a trekking element, so some pre-trek preparation will be an advantage. There are some other factors to consider - the heat, bumpy roads, pollution, traffic, delays and unfamiliar customs and different cultures.  These may all create additional demands.  Our style of travel requires that you carry your own bags, so bear that in mind when deciding if you really need that extra pair of shoes.

How do I pay for my adventure?

Adventurous Women® accept Direct Deposit, Paypal, Cheque or Money Order.

Some of our travel partners will accept credit card payments.

*Please note that payment must be processed before confirmation can be sent out. Also, all direct deposits and Paypal payments are approved overnight, not instantly processed, in some cases they may take up to 72 hours. All prices quoted are in AUSTRALIAN dollars.

Travel - How many people will be in my tour?

Adventurous Women® like to travel in small groups.  Our groups generally consist of between 8-12 women.  This keeps the group small enough to get to know each other, whilst still providing a supportive and lively atmosphere.

How do I give feedback?

We value your feedback and are committed to improving our customer service.If you have any feedback or suggestions relevant to the Adventurous Women® website or the service you received whilst on your adventure, please email us at info@adventurouswomen.com.au.

Are Adventurous Women® prices competitive?

Yes - they sure are!!. We market on behalf of a large pool of service providers, and it is in our best interests, as well as those of our service providers, to ensure that we provide adventures to you at the same price you would pay if you went direct. 

What age do I have to be to travel with Adventurous Women®?

Age is no barrier - Adventurous Women® caters for independent women of any age!  You just need to have an open mind and an adventurous spirit! 

How can I get more information about my adventure?

We provide you with the service provider's details and meeting point once your adventure has been booked. If your adventure involves travelling, you will be given pre-departure information including meeting points, visas and the rest of the nitty gritty once our group has been finalised.

Who is supplying my adventure and how do I contact them?

The service provider details are given to you via email once you have confirmed your booking.  Once you have booked and paid for your adventure, your contract is with the service provider, (unless one of our team is escorting the adventure - in which case we are the contact), so should you have any further questions, Please call the service provider directly. 

Adventurous Women® acts as the booking agent for many service providers and in some cases we are the escort on the adventure.  We do not disclose details of our service provider prior to booking, although if you require more information about an adventure or service provider, prior to making a booking we will be happy to call the service provider on your behalf.

When and how will I receive my confirmation receipt?

Your confirmation receipt will be sent once payment has been processed. We are happy to send the receipt via the methods listed below:

Email - You can print out your own receipt.

Standard Post at our cost.

Express Post for an additional cost.

Help - I can't find my receipt in my emails?

Our emails are sent automatically once payment has been processed. Depending on your email security settings, some web based emails will wrongly classify an Adventurous Women® email as junk mail.  If you use a spam filter, please be sure to include Adventurous Women® as a legitimate sender of email communication. Good idea to check your junk mail box as we may have ended up in there!