Adventurous Women is Australia's fastest growing Travel, Adventure & Lifestyle Community.....and it's just for the girls!

We aim to re-ignite a woman's adventurous spirit through providing soft adventure, step by step challenges, social activities, travel opportunities and more...all within a safe and supportive all female environment.

How Do We Achieve This?

We have an online social network for women to be able to connect with like-minded women through discussion forums, special interest groups, blogs, photo sharing, chat and information boards. The end result being that they will join in local activities where they are able to meet face-to-face in a safe & supportive environment. This generally leads to women gaining the confidence to "have a go" at things they normally wouldn't.

We also offer group travel opportunities (some which we personally host) so that women can share experiences of a lifetime with other women. For the independent female traveller we also provide a platform for them to meet a travel buddy or a female host at their chosen destination.

Adventurous Women is also a valuable resource for women on the go - we have a great variety of Adventures (Local, National & International), Gear For Girls Shop, Travel Tips/Reviews and a Girl Friendly Business Directory.

We have formed strong partnerships with the best of the 'best' when it comes to Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Service Providers and Charity Organisations.  We believe that our clients deserve the best and we aim to deliver it!



At Adventurous Women we believe that men are an 'optional extra'. Even though we love them just means that we don't always wish to be in their company!

Founded by Sue Hile, Adventurous Women was formed as a result of having a life long passion for travel, along with the desire to live every day to the fullest. Sue is the perfect example of a woman who has the courage to create her own destiny. Along with a background in business and hospitality, she is well travelled, enthusiastic, fun-loving and adventurous. She hopes to inspire other women to fulfil their dreams & goals and live the life of an Adventurous Woman.

Sue with her little friend from the Red Lahu Village in Northern Thailand
Sue with her little friend from the
Red Lahu Village in Northern Thailand



Our Adventurous Women are a variety of ages and come from all walks of life. They are home makers, caregivers, cancer survivors, educators, and business women. They are wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and best friends. They are individuals looking to experience all aspects of life, and not just within their immediate community.


Adventurous Women would like all participants to understand that our trips are 'adventure holidays' and not "tours." We believe that an adventure holiday with Adventurous Women is a travel opportunity in which you actively participate, as opposed to a tour, where you are more or less a passive observer!  Our Adventure Holidays, also require that participants be relatively self-sufficient, flexible, and are able to accept travel situations as they exist, as sometimes things may not always happen exactly as you would prefer or expect. The constraints of group traveling also necessitate that each of us be understanding of and sensitive to others who are sharing your trip experience.

The team at Adventurous Women are active in seeking out the best possible experiences for women and women's interests. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a supportive, nurturing and safe environment for women to fulfil their dreams and goals through travel, adventure and life experiences.

There is an Adventurous Woman inside each of us!



Our Travel Partners are an integral part of our team. Without these Industry Professionals we would not be able to provide the service and quality we pride ourselves on:

These Include:

Peregrine Travel Centre, Perth WA
Conference Complete - Bega, NSW

Our Memberships Include:

The Bibbulmun Track Foundation, Perth WA
Joondalup Business Association
Outdoors WA
Tourism Council of WA