Adventurous Women® was founded in 2008 by Sue Hile.

The story in her own words:

Long story short, I felt that I was starting to lose my soul in my early 40's and I had become restless and unhappy.

Some may say it was a mid-life crisis but it was much more. I was a good mother, a wife, a home owner, a dependable worker in my job but I had lost my 'gypsy soul', my love of adventure and visiting new places had just quietly faded away and I missed it.

Instead of remaining unhappy I decided to do something about it and it led me to backpacking alone in South East Asia for 3 months, leaving behind a job, all my comforts, hubby & two children.
Don't get me wrong, my intention was never to leave for good, but instead to find myself again and to have the time to think about what I wanted to do for the next phase of my life.

I wanted to really 'feel' what it was like to miss those close to me, gain some clarity and come back a much happier and healthier person.

With so much time to think and after speaking to a number of women it occurred to me, that if I was feeling this way surely other women were as well, so when I returned home I decided to start Adventurous Women® .
This gave me the ability to travel frequently to keep that 'gypsy soul' alive and gain a greater fulfilment by sharing my passion with other women and watching them form wonderful friendships and find themselves again like I did.

We provide a safe, supportive and friendly environment where women from all backgrounds are made to feel part of the group immediately. We find the women that join us are from all different backgrounds, marital status, lifestyles and can vary in age from around 30 through to 70 but the common denominator is a love of adventure, a desire to get something more out of life; they want experiences to remember.

Adventurous Women® has grown and evolved over the years but while we have taken on a range of tour guides and local leaders Australia wide we will always stay true to our vision and the reason why the business was started to begin with.