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Kilimanjaro Information Evening Mar 4th, 2020
Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the world's Seven Summits .... easily accessible to just about anyone willing to train for the experience & work hard during the climb.
Coochin Twins Circuit Sep 10th, 2021
Join Kat hiking the twin peaks of Mt Coochin. At only 235 m, the west peak is relatively easy, while the second requires a bit of scrambling.
Flinders Peak - A Tough Summit Oct 2nd, 2021
ith its stunning views and rugged scenery, Flinders Peak is a beautiful formation about a 50-minute drive out of Brisbane and just a stone’s throw from Ipswich. Flinders may be pretty, but don’t let that deceive you. It’s a tough 7-km return hike – that’s a grade 5 track – the highest of all difficulty ratings. Starting at the Flinders Plum recreation area, straight out of the car park – it’s a leg-burner. Oh, and it’s over 500 metres of vertical climb! The trail doesn’t waste much time before it starts heading up. First, through grassy hills with a good view of the peak you’re about to climb, and then up a rugged dirt path past gumtrees and lantana. The trail is easy to follow up the hill. We then reach a line of rocks on top of the ridge. We’ll rock-hop along these for a few minutes with markers showing the way. Then our legs get a bit of a rest as we wind our way through trees before another push up to the Summit. The Flinders Peak summit is a little deceiving, it looks harder to reach than it actually is from the first lookout – in reality it’s only a 15-minute hike down into the saddle and up the moderately steep mountainside. When you reach the summit you will be greeted with views of the Scenic Rim and Amberley RAAF Base. If the weather is right we will be able to scout out the high-rises of Bris-Vegas. This area is all volcanic. It was formed over a three-million-year period about 26 million years ago. To say it is ancient land is an understatement. It’s Stunning. Please note that there are toilet facilities in the Flinders Plum Picnic Area.

Hikes and Walks

Grampians Peaks Trail Walking Holiday Mar 15th, 2023
Walk the highlights of The Grampians Peaks Trail, a world class, walk that showcases the majesty of the Grampians National Park. Enjoy dramatic peaks, panoramic views and the majesty of this ancient and rugged landscape.