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A very enjoyable walk and social evening!

21/01/2022 Sharon T

I really enjoyed my first experience of SUPing. Being only OK fit I was worried if I'd have the stamina, even for a 1.5 period. I found it worked out all the balancing muscles but wasn't overly taxing. I could have continues for a bit longer too. It was fun!

Good morning tea with tasty savoury options. A friendly group and helpful instructors.

15/01/2022 Barb

A wonderful trip with some fabulous women.

10/01/2022 Lara

This was my third attempt in the lasf 2 years to reach the Snowy Mts National Park and I was not disappointed when I finally made it with AW. Deb and Mon were great guides and legends, taking the daily challenges which sometimes confronted them in their stride. Overall, a memorable walking tour indeed with a great bunch of women.

10/01/2022 Jenn B

Great walk with a great guide.

09/01/2022 Julie Johnson

Lovely walk at a good pace with time to look at the bush and views.

09/01/2022 Linda Lyon

I'm so glad I signed up for this. Received such great tips from Chris and the gang.

08/01/2022 Alison R

stunning morning walk lead by Chris Burt. Her local knowledge combined with appreciation of a ora rifle morning walk was the perfect way to start a weekend.

08/01/2022 Wendy O

Magical sunset walk with bubbles & gourmet treats & a great bunch of girls - the perfect start to 2022!

01/01/2022 Juliet C

This walk was such a delight. After raining most of the day, it stopped just as we made our ascent. The clouds parted and the sunset was magnificent. It was such an auspicious way to start the new year. The champagne and the pack of goodies provided was very yummy. The descent in the dusk and dark was amazing as well. Im a convert for sunset walks and will look forward to sunrise one now.

01/01/2022 Karen H

Lovely way to finish weekend and the year with AW 🧡🧡🧡

12/12/2021 Kylie R

Relaxing? Meander???? Say no more!

10/12/2021 Cheyenne Martin

First time in 36 years that I only had to think about me. Everything was done and organised. All I had to do was turn up on time. What a fabulous group of women who cared for and supported each other. Sue O was an energiser bunny.

24/11/2021 VF

Was well organized. Excellent guides in every way. Great food.

04/12/2021 Carolyn D

An educational and enjoyable experience. The guides were knowledgeable about the history of the area and some of the indigenous culture and were more than willing to answer any questions. I particularity enjoyed sampling some of the bush tucker, and that local products were used where possible. Lots of fresh foods offered which made delicious camping food.😊😊

04/12/2021 Judy N

It was a great weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would happily recommend it to others. The guides were great and everything went really well. The location was amazing too.

04/12/2021 Janey D

An absolutely brilliant overnight trip! A lovely group of women and we all had fun. Our guides were very knowledgeable and kept us entertained the whole time. Would highly recommend as a first time kayaker.

04/12/2021 Karen S

What a great weekend paddling the Coorong with an amazing group of women - had a ball!

04/12/2021 Kathryn

Great experience for a novice or experienced kayaker. Fabulous scenery and ever changing colours on the Coorong.

Plenty of fresh healthy food. Lots of laughs, chat and learning. Sharing the space with wildlife and birds.

04/12/2021 Lesley J

I thoroughly enjoyed the hike with an amazing group of women.

12/09/2021 Erika R

It was an amazing day snorkelling with a brilliant group of women.

27/11/2021 Erika R

What a fabulous experience with a great bunch of gals! Had quite a few laughs and Yvonne's spread after we came back from our water bicycling was outstanding! Highly recommended if the opportunity presents itself again!

28/11/2021 T C

So much fun and so easy. Great bunch of adventurous women. Lots of laughs, great food and bubbles after. Loved it.

28/11/2021 Cheyenne Martin

Loved the water bikes easy to use & so much fun. Thanks to Yvonne for a yummy grazing platter & glass of bubbly after. Lovely group of AW ladies & enjoyed the experience

28/11/2021 Jill

28/11/2021 Linda L

A great introduction to using walking poles, and some very helpful tips about staying safe in the bush. I really enjoyed the morning.

20/11/2021 Felicity B

What a fabulous experience with a great bunch of gals! Had quite a few laughs and Yvonne's spread after we came back from our water bicycling was outstanding! Highly recommended if the opportunity presents itself again!

28/11/2021 T C

A fantastic and fun activity. Loved it

28/11/2021 Donelle C

I loved this activity; I was worried it would be hard work but the info provided at the beginning was easy to follow, the bikes incredibly stable and so easy to push, no real effort involved. The food presented by Yvonne was simple but appreciated and she did a great job as tour guide.

28/11/2021 Susan H

What a wonderful way to spend time on our beautiful Swan River and with such an amazing group 💝 My 1st time with Adventurous Women and will not be my last. Gee I enjoyed it! Thank you for the welcome 👌🤗♥️

28/11/2021 Karen M

Good company with beautiful sights and a wonderful sunset as the city lights lit up the sky as well as the blood moon. perfect night

19/11/2021 Margaret Hickey


19/11/2021 Margaret Hickey

19/11/2021 Dianne

Always an enjoyable adventure 😊

14/11/2021 Tina

29/10/2021 Janeen

I really enjoyed the walk, first walk with the group and look forward to joining in on future walks.

07/11/2021 Gloria P

Kat and Caron guided us on a great walk (Federation walk) at Main Beach on Friday giving us various historical and environmental facts about the walk. They are both fabulous women who go above and beyond to ensure we are not only safe and protected, but given every opportunity to ask questions about various things we spot along our walk! Awesome girls 💪.

05/11/2021 Colleen H

The day was cold, wet and windy such a contrast to the hot and steamy days prior to the walk. That's natures unpredictability. Due to that we saw and had unusual but amazing experience's of grey stormy skies, wild winds and turbulent oceans. Chris changed things to fit in the day as circumstance's unfolded. Chris performs well under pressure. We also got to see wallabies and Koalas.

31/10/2021 Margaret

Fantastic day trip - for a first timer on Straddie show me many of the great sites and walks - for when I return for a longer break

31/10/2021 WENDY O

The activities and walks were all very informative and easy going in a very picturesque setting. If you've got little to no experience with camping before, this is a great introduction! I've been camping heaps and this was the most relaxed, stressless and fun camping weekend away, especially being fully catered.

29/10/2021 Glennie M

Hopefully this event will be scheduled for 2022 and I am lucky enough to be part of it again. Just a wonderful adventure and it would be such a pleasure to have Lyn as our guide again. She is so passionate about her job and also the area and it’s history and was a delight to meet and spend time with. .

29/10/2021 Kaye McPhee

My very first AW adventure and I just loved everything about it… ok, maybe not the bull ants!!

29/10/2021 Donna G

A lovely short walk with good variety.

30/10/2021 Sarah W

I really enjoyed this walk. I especially liked that Jazzie made it clear we had plenty of time, so I felt comfortable seeking & taking photos of all the gorgeous wildflowers and wildlife, without feeling guilty for slowing the group down. Despite this, Jazzie made sure we finished on time, which was great.

30/10/2021 Anne B

A lovely short walk with good variety.

30/10/2021 Sarah W

A lovely short walk with good variety.

30/10/2021 Sarah W

Enjoyable walk out to King Island and around the mangroves at Wellington Point. Nice to discover what’s in our backyards - as always Chris was a great guide and shared information about the Island along the way which I always find interesting.

30/10/2021 Lisa

Great day with like-minded ladies. We were blessed with beautiful weather. Lunch was amazing and plentiful. Enjoyed the ride....though would've been nice to go faster!

23/10/2021 Robyn Agnello