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Spring, Yoga in Nature Retreat WA

Loved the trip. Met some lovely girls. Accomodation was great, as were activities. Was on my own so could have done without so much free time. An hour here and there would have been better with extra classes or walks to fill the time during the day. Love reading but quite noisy in Occassion in the Lodge lounge whilst food being prepared and felt strange not to help in the kitchen as Sue and Bettina felt like part of the group and not just organisers. Loved the idea of a quiet and a chatty position on the walk. Front or back. Would suggest torch for those in chalets. Very dark in walk back of an evening so had to bring phones with us to light the way home.

08/09/2017 Renee McIver

The whole day was organised really well from the riding school perspective... they made all participants feel comfortable. Seemed like everyone really enjoyed themselves and the lunch provided by Leonie

10/09/2017 Katie P

The whole day was absolutely fantastic. Leonie was professional and inviting and went out of her way to make sure everyone was happy, as she always does. The food she provided was so much more than I expected, but in reality I should have known. Leonie and AW go above and beyond the 'norm'. Delicious, fresh and more than enough food and drinks were provided.

10/09/2017 V Akkermans

Very professional operation. The guides, Sue and Sarah, are amazing superwomen. They were professional, friendly, fun and very competent. Everything ran so smoothly, they made it look easy, even though i'm sure an event such as this involves lots of organization and logistics.

02/09/2017 Celia Burke

Spring, Yoga in Nature Retreat WA

Fantastic weekend. Very worth it. Accommodation excellent

08/09/2017 Jac

Spring, Yoga in Nature Retreat WA

This was my first experience with any form of group adventure away with people I do not know and I found it fantastic ! The organiser Sue is an amazing person and always made sure everyone was ok and had us organised in a flash. This will not be my last adventure. I loved mixing with like minded people and found this refreshing.

08/09/2017 Diane Jaksa

Spring, Yoga in Nature Retreat WA

Loved every minute of it. Food was lovely and meal times were so well organised. Accommodation was great also. Perfect amount of free time and the change of plans on the Sunday worked well.

08/09/2017 Janelle O

Rather special walk. Amazing coastline so I've been to places that I'm not likely to have seen otherwise. The accomodation exceeded expectations and the food was excellent as always. Sue and Sarah were both excellent guides / hosts. I was grateful that sue trusted that I knew the " rules" and allowed me to stride out in front at times. I felt safe and supported at all times. The only suggestion I can make is perhaps to not have cabbage on the menu before a gruelling beach walk. Delicious .... but there were going to be consequences! Might have affected the weather pattern on the west coast. Smile

02/09/2017 Diana S

Spring, Yoga in Nature Retreat WA

This is my second time at the Dwellingup Yoga retreat with Sue and Bettina. It's such a fun way to relax and unwind. The surroundings is picturesque really makes it hard to leave. This is a well organised retreat but in a casual way. Yoga in the morning with a guided meditation to follow. The food is amazing and caters to all individual needs. I had the pleasure of being the Massage Therapist and Reflexologist at the retreat for the first time and the response was overwhelming in a good way. Would highly recommend it to all women who are in need of some wellness and mindfulness. Show less

08/09/2017 Jannene Hardie

Fantastic week long hike, diverse terrain, scenery, wildflowers, with fantastic guides, excellent food, accommodation and company.

02/09/2017 Janice M

Spring, Yoga in Nature Retreat WA

i thoroughly en joyed the whole weekend, beautiful accomodation, great food and lots of fun i'll certainly be coming to more Adventures hats off to Sue for her huge enthusiasm and energy :)

08/09/2017 diana love

Fantastic walk - fantastic group of ladies - fantastic food - very well done. But don't be decieved - this is a hard walk!!! Harder than I imagined.

02/09/2017 Kay W

Had a great time - haven't laughed so much for years!! Loved the camping - found the tents, camp beds and mattresses all very comfortable

17/08/2017 Jiulie Duffy

I had an amazing and wonderful time. The team could not have done more to ensure my comfort, enjoyment and satisfaction. As a first time camper, I was so surprised about the ease of living & comfort. I really loved all the daily adventures we were offered which I embraced and felt proud of achieving. The food was outstanding - whole food & healthy with special care about my pescatarian needs. Sue H is an outstanding person - I have so much admiration for her, as well as Sue O'C - I was a bit out of my comfort zone on many levels initially and she made sure that I was really safe, emotionally and physically, Mike was amazing - a prefect choice for a group of women and he, with the Sue's, worked tirelessly to ensure our pleasure. I have already recommended the Company to straight & Lesbian friends

02/08/2017 Jen Scantlebury

The trip completely met my expectations. There was no way I would have ever seen so much of the Kimberley without the experience and expertise of Sue, Sue and Mike. You all made the trip so enjoyable, comfortable and informative. The food was amazing, and you catered for everyone's dietary needs so well. All the little extras like the outdoor shower at Purnululu and carrying morning tea on the walks are really nice and show how much you care. I would highly recommend Adventurous Women tours and hope to join you again in the future.

02/08/2017 Kate M

Yoga Workshop SA

It was fab. Never done Yoga before and Naomi our instructor was fantastic. She showed me many additional poses I can use to relieve my back pain.

26/08/2017 Sonya T

Yoga Workshop SA

Excellent workshop, fabulous teacher

26/08/2017 Gill

Yoga Workshop SA

I am so grateful for Leonie's passion and hard work in AW SA branch! The Yoga afternoon was wonderful. I connected with and made some new friends too!🌹

26/08/2017 Karen P

A fantastic trip in an area I would never have experienced without going on this AW trip. And with a great bunch of ladies and superb hosts! Thankyou so much!

02/08/2017 Terri Ellis

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It was very well organised and the food was fantastic. Both Sues and Mike were wonderful hosts/ guides. Maybe another trip could include Mitchell Falls and have a day less at Purnululu

02/08/2017 Anne Jackaman

Well organised and comfortable tour. Good balance of activities and down time.

02/08/2017 Jenni C

This was a totally different experience for me and it was fantastic. I loved the everchanging scenery and brilliant colours of the Kimberleys. The planning of each day ensured that we were able to see many different aspects of the area, and the two Sues and Mike looked after our every need.

02/08/2017 Julie P

Loved every bit of it. We couldn't have asked for nicer, happier, friendlier kinder and professional guides - best guides ever! I am not sure why they say it is a no princess policy, because I truely felt like a princess we were so well looked after. Fellow walkers were wonderful, would love to repeat the experience just how it was. Loved that we had an itinerary that was flexible and allowed us to stop and look at things and take photos whenever we liked. There was no race to the end. It was ok to chatter and ok to have some quiet time amongst the majesty of the beautiful trees. There were times when we were walking amongst the Karri that I would spontaneously think "I am so happy". It was such a nice break from the normal hustle of life.

16/06/2017 Karen Hayes

Another fabulous trip with AW - everything planned to a T .... aside the weather!. Great group of like minded ladies ..... love the NO Princess policy. Boarded the bus in Leederville, felt very safe being driven by AW guides, despite the rain & stormy driving conditions. Plenty of coffee and toilet stops enroute. Warm, dry accommodation with hot showers in Donnelly River Boarding House ..... fabulous food prepared by our AW guides .... Achievable distances when trekking the Bib ..... accurate pre trek briefing meant you knew just what to expect the following day and was able to plan what to pack in day pack ..... 5* Adventure

30/06/2017 Judith B

I just really loved the whole trip - everything about it was great. Everything was really well organised but easy going too. Food great (thanks Brad, Anna and Sue) and accommodation just right. I haven't done an organised walking trip before (other than Nepal in the late 80s) and I found it so enjoyable. The south west forests are incredible. I have requested to join AW - I think your company is amazing - and will certainly be doing other trips through AW. Sue is an excellent advertisement for your company.

30/06/2017 Dawn Woods

Forest Therapy Walking Weekend WA

Thoroughly enjoyed this adventure with the group! The hiking was quite challenging on the 2nd day but the gorgeous landscape we were travelling was definitely worth it. The scenery was simply amazing! Our guides were knowledgeable and always helpful, the food supplied was yummy and the ladies I met were heaps of fun and their stories inspirational. Thank you once again Adventurous Women for a great trip!

24/06/2017 Kim M

Bibbulmun Track 4 Day Getaway WA

What a fantastic 4 days shared with 11 amazing women. Everything about this trip was so enjoyable. I can't thank Sue and Anna enough for their care of us and their sense of fun. To the rest of the women (no princesses...) thanks for your friendship. We all shared lots of laughs. Sue your giraffe outfit cracked me up.

16/06/2017 Mandy Szeliga

Bibbulmun Track 4 Day Getaway WA

Had a fantastic time. Well organised, food was great, guides were fun,patient and knowledgeable. Good value. Definitely recommend your organisation.

16/06/2017 Helen Moss

Bibbulmun Track 4 Day Getaway WA

Fantastic trip. I would have liked to depart a little earlier to spend an hour or so at Bridgetown. I overheard some girls saying what a lovely little town and they would love to visit some of the shops they saw as they had not been there before. Even though I have been there many times, its always a town where I like to fossick around the shops

16/06/2017 Dianne Harvey

Wonderful. Well organised. Great food. No complaints.

16/06/2017 Kay W

Winter - Yoga in Nature Retreat WA

As usual everything is perfect, cannot fault it.

02/06/2017 Jannene Hardie

Winter - Yoga in Nature Retreat WA

Absolutely magnificent location , want to go back and canoe down river and do some crazy adventurous activities. Good way to group bond .

02/06/2017 Robynne francis

Escape Hunt SA

Enjoyed the activity, group of enthusiastic ladies to do it with. Would have liked an option for coffee after the session (particularly as a day time activity). The lounge area encouraged people to hang around and chat, which was great.

11/06/2017 Michelle I

Escape Hunt SA

Afternoon was great - very entertaining & worth the cost

11/06/2017 Jo Armstrong

Escape Hunt SA

I really enjoyed Escape Hunt! The time passed so quickly and it was a fun way to exercise the grey matter.

11/06/2017 Tania Rover

Escape Hunt SA

I had a lot of fun attending the recent escape hunt with Adventurous Women. It was my first time and will definitely be getting involved in future events.

11/06/2017 Alicia P

Escape Hunt SA

Good get together with new ladies. Always nice to meet different people at the events.

11/06/2017 Lesley Thomas

Escape Hunt SA

Such a fantastic group activity to do... really good way of having people that dont necessarily know each other to interact in a positive way

11/06/2017 Katie Pihodnya

Escape Hunt SA

I had a great time. Was a lot of fun & challenging. Would definitely go back & have recommended it to my friends

11/06/2017 Jo M

Winter - Yoga in Nature Retreat WA

Good size group, well organised weekend (loved the casualness so we didn't feel the pressure of too many things whilst also getting a lot done), great food & beautiful venue

02/06/2017 Raelene E

Was a big eye opener for me, So out of my comfort zone. I will be more prepared for my next hiking journey and will be able to give suggestions to other travelers on what to take etc. Was not disappointed in anything, it was a holiday journey. Learnt so much about other people, how they live, cultures and still talk about my holiday. I have come back a different person, cant find the words I want to use. Maybe I have found myself and thoroughly enjoyed my time with Chris, I feel I have a different relationship with her now. A big thankyou to Sue, Rony and the other girls for making it an awesome trip.

07/05/2017 Anne Maree

I had no idea what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised and honestly had the time of my life. A very well organised tour, thanks to Sue and Rony who made it all so easy and smooth. There was something for everyone, scenery, history, every day life, Orang Utans, and of course trekking ( and the blood lusty leeches) which was a new experience for me. Last but not least meeting six lovely ladies, we had lots and lots of laughs, which made it all a very special and enjoyable trip. Thank you again to Sue and Rony.

07/05/2017 Johanna Peci

Had a wonderful and challenging time. The whitewater rapids, leeches and lurking wild pigs were unexpected added bonuses. Amazing travelling companions who enhanced the trip with their different perspectives. The local guide, Rony was a wealth of information, well organised and always on the ball. Sue, as per usual, an upbeat, positive ball of energy. A joy to have as our tour leader. Overall, an extremely well organised trip which had the right amount of free time interspersed with the enjoyable, thought provoking & some times challenging events of the itinerary. Bring on the next adventure.

07/05/2017 Chris

Great tour, was very challenging at times. Very beautiful women. I felt the group could have been more cohesive at times it felt like a competition and race with one or two of the members.

14/04/2017 Mary Steedman

A wonderful adventure with some amazing women and a terrific guide.

14/04/2017 Leonie Scott

Forest Therapy Walking Weekend WA

Another fantastic adventure. Was so much fun, met some wonderful ladies and caught up with friends. As always everything was well planned and arranged. I love the fact that all I have to do is rock up and have fun - all the hard work is done by Sue and her Team. Couldn't recommend Adventurous Women enough.

01/01/1970 Donelle C

Forest Therapy Walking Weekend WA

Lovely weekend with lovely ladies. I loved hiking through the Dwellingup area, great bush to explore, feeling like I was a million miles from home yet its on our doorstep from Perth. We were also blessed with wonderful weather. A great choice for a short break. A very big thanks to our lovely guide Jazz who made it possible for us to enjoy our 2 days walking knowing we were in safe hands and would actually find our way back. To Sue a big thank you - once again showing her expert organizational skills (& yummy food Sue provides on tour). Very much appreciated. So glad I joined Adventurous Women.

01/01/1970 Terri L

Forest Therapy Walking Weekend WA

I don’t like Adventurous Women – I LOVE them!! Just experienced my first AW adventure over the weekend, on their Forest Therapy short break down in Dwellingup. From the get-go, I knew I was in good hands. On the first morning, I approached Sue and Jazzy, who were both wearing their orange AW get-ups, and met up with the other ladies in the group at the Blue Wren Café, which was the designated meeting spot. I was a bit nervous, as I was there on my own, but I need not have worried – Everyone was so incredibly lovely! The whole trip was well-organised and a lot of fun. There were many laughs and great memories made (if Jazzy is your tour guide, get her to tell you the Bob The Builder joke…)This was a great taster for bigger and longer AW trips, which I wouldn’t hesitate to book if time permitted (The 13-day Pilbara & Ningaloo Reef Happy Camper Adventure Tour is on my bucket list). I cannot recommend AW more highly.

01/01/1970 N. vdB