Backyard Blitz - Bungendore Park Walk
Bedfordale Western Australia - Sat 30th October 2021

Max Participants:
Bedfordale Western Australia
Sat 30th October 2021
Start Time:
End Time:
12:30pm approx
3.5 hrs
Non-Member Cost:
$35.00 per person
Member Cost:
$30.00 per person
birds walk

Experience the natural beauty and bush delights of Bungendore Park. The park covers 498 hectares and is a popular nesting and congregation area of the Red-tailed Black Cockatoo and home to a family of the black-gloved wallabies.  Western Spinebills and New Holland Honeyeaters can be seen searching for nectar in Parrot Bush and Grevillea Bush. Sitting on the western edge of the Darling Scarp, most of the plateau consists of Laterite, a red residual soil formed by the leaching of silica and by the enrichment with aluminium and iron oxides. To the west, the surface has been eroded to reveal the ancient granite bedrock.  Spectacular views from vantage points back towards Perth city. 


Join us as we explore the A to Z within the park….Arachnids & Australian Bluebells.  Bobtails & Black Gloved Wallabys. Cowslip Orchards & Calothamnus. Dugites & Death  Adders. Echidnas & Elegant Parrots. Fantailed Cuckoos & Frogs. Grey Kangaroos & Grasshoppers. Hovea & Huntsmans. Isopogon & Isopods.  Jug Orchids & Jarrah.  King Slinks & Kangaroo Paws. Little Wattlebirds & Laughing Kookaburras Mardo & Marri. Nuytsia Floribunda & New Holland Honey Eaters. Owlet NightJar & Boobook Owls. Painted Button Quail & Prickly Moses. Quacking Frogs & Quenda. Rufous Tree-Creeper & Red-Capped Parrot. Splendid Fairy Wren & Salmon-Bellied Skink. Tiger Snakes & Trigger Plants. Underwoodisaurus Milii’s & Urchin Dryandra. Viminaria Juncea & Verticordia. Wedge-Tailed Eagles & Western Spinebill’s. Xanthorrhoea. Yellow Rumped Thornbills & Yellow Robins. Zamia & Zoospores.

To finish your day off join your host, if you wish, for a tipple or a bite to eat at the "Last Drop Elizabethan”… just 5km from Bungendore. Located at 25 Canns Road, Bedfordale,  the ‘Last Drop” is a beautiful old English Pub located in Perth’s hills ... well worth a look!



Duration:  3 ½   hours

Length:   7.7 km

Grade:  Easy/Medium

Start -  From Armadale, head south on the Albany Highway.  After approx. 4 km turn right at Dryandra Drive into the Bungendore Park carpark.


Bungendore Park
Plenty of colour
Friendly Roos
Cuppa Time
Beautiful Wildflowers
Great Views, Plenty of Facts
Cleaning Station
Dropping in the the Last Drop for a coldie


Please note map locations and route are approximate only


Our knowledgeable AW Guide

Interpretive Hiking Experience

'A to Z’ laminated sheets for your use on the trail

Hot Drink included (But BYO Morning Tea or Snack)

Photo's of your experience


Lunch/Morning Tea

What To Bring/Wear

- Cash/Card to purchase coffee, a tipple or bite to eat afterwards at the 'Last Drop'

- Day Pack - Sunscreen, Hat, Water, Raincoat/Poncho, Jumper

- Comfy worn in walking shoes

- Snacks

- A Sense of Adventure

Cancellation & Refunds

Notice of cancellation must be in writing, with an email as an acceptable form of communication, directly to Adventurous Women with the following conditions:

Between time of booking and up to 7 days prior to event - Full Refund

7 days and up to 48 hours prior to the event - 50% cancellation fee

48 hours or No show on the day - No Refund

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