7 Night-time Events To Complete Your Melbourne Adventure

Melbourne is an amazing city with great places to explore during the day and thriving after-hours activities to engage in during the night. The Melbourne nightlife scene won't disappoint you as there is so much to see, explore, indulge in, and enjoy. The beauty of this city is that you can enjoy yourself without worrying about lacking transportation as the trams operate for extended hours.

This article offers a deep dive into the night-time activities to complete your Melbourne adventures.

1. Enjoy Good Food At Queen Victoria Night Market

Nothing beats the Queen Victoria Night Market when it comes to food as it brings together different food stalls, food trucks, and festival bars. What's more, you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks in cocktail bars in Melbourne's CBD without traveling outside the city centre.

In addition to good food and drinks, you can indulge in shopping at the local market as many local and independent artisans will have goods on display. And if you're a book lover, you can explore new and classic books found on the cookbook nook.

The great thing about this market is that its free for all and happens to be the perfect place for unwinding together with friends.

2. Enjoy A Scenic Dinner After A Kayak Tour

The Yarra river is the perfect spot that offers both first-timers and experienced kayakers a chance to experience the beauty of the sunset and numerous different sights. Soon after, your boat will anchor at the dock, and you can stay seated and experience water dining as you get served dinner.

Hot doughnut bus parked outside night markets

3. Explore The Laneways

Take time and explore Melbourne on foot at night and try walking along the laneways. These laneways offer a lot of art for pedestrians to enjoy and good restaurants that offer the best food and drinks.

In other laneways, you may get the chance to enjoy shopping in different boutiques that offer unique items that may interest you. You can take photos in laneways with great street art if you enjoy photography.

4. Visit The Museum

The museum hosts an event every Friday night complete with cocktails and gourmet bites. If you enjoy art, you can enjoy the historical and cultural collections that the museum has on exhibit.

This event is great for people who want to take a longer time to enjoy art without dealing with long lines and crowds that tend to be stressful. Most of the time, you can also see a live band, grab a drink from a pop-up bar, and sign up for a range of workshops.

5. Let Loose At Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq/

For the ultimate entertainment that'll get you feeling like a kid, you can let loose at Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq. Here, you can enjoy a thrilling game that will take you back to your childhood.

In addition, you can enjoy bumper cars, virtual reality games, arcade games, and bowling. And since all these games may make you hungry, you can enjoy dinner at the circus and wash it down with cocktails or shakes.

6. Laugh Out Loud At The Annual International Comedy Festival

This festival is highly accessible and takes over the capital with the best comics showing up to entertain all the guests. It runs for three and a half weeks, giving you ample time to catch the shows. Going to a comedy festival will be a great way to laugh your problems away while enjoying different talents.

7. Catch A Movie At An Outdoor Cinema

This Melbourne tradition includes enjoying watching classic movies under the stars. You can get seating options that work for you, including deck chairs, bean bags, or even a quilt. If you're worried about what movies will be showing, you can rest assured that there are numerous outdoor cinemas to cater to your movie needs.

Depending on the weather, carry anything you may need, including a throw blanket to keep you warm and cosy throughout the movie session. You can check in advance to know if a picnic setup is allowed.

Bottom Line

While in Melbourne, spare some time to experience the hustle and bustle of the Queen Victoria MarWhen you get to Melbourne, do your due diligence and research every event and place you want to visit. Find out if you may need to book in advance and prepare any requirements to avoid any inconvenience. Most importantly, remember to unwind and let go to enjoy the nightlife.

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