6 Things To Do During AFL Weekends

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For football fanatics, the AFL weekends are the ultimate holiday. There's no getting them away from supporting their favourite teams, whether it's in the live stadium or live on TV. And even for non-footy fans, the experience is just as exciting as well. There's nothing like getting into the beat of the excitement for fun-filled weekends.

Because it's such a big thing, AFL weekends in Melbourne and other cities aren't just limited to watching the game per se. Whether on your own, with your buddies, and even with your family, there's an activity for everyone to immerse themselves in. From tranquil activities away from the crowds to louder and smack-bang moments, you can really make the most out of that weekend with a schedule of activities to take part in.

Keep the hype levels high for the ultimate AFL weekends with this list of fun things to do:

1. Head Out Of The City For A Break

Sure, there's a long line-up of fun activities within your local city for the AFL weekends. But if your schedule permits it, why not plan out an out-of-the-city break too? Check out the 2022 AFL tickets here first, then get started with planning that trip. It's definitely going to be a unique experience to still enjoy footy outside of your own home. Plus, it's a good excuse to travel too.

This first tip is great, especially for dads! You can plan out that trip with your mates, so you all can head out to a pub to watch. If you've got kids who are also sons, then you can go on those football activities together. The rest of the family members who aren't such footy fans can still enjoy themselves by exploring what the city has to offer.

2. Watch The Fireworks Display

If it's your local team that happens to be fighting for the finals, then you can be certain the town's going to be bustling with activities. One of the highly sought-after activities is the final fireworks display.

If you don't mind the crowds, then you can always head out for the best view. For those who prefer peace at home, why not host a football night party? Rent a big screen projector to set up in your yard, have drinks and dinner, and then enjoy the rest of the evening with the fireworks display.

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3. Enjoy Brunch At Local Cafés

If you're feeling peckish during the weekend, you can take it easy by enjoying a quiet brunch at one of the local pubs and cafes. Don't pressure yourself to get up so early, especially when you've been up late watching football.

From little hole-in-the-wall joints to well-known bigger local cafes, every establishment will be up to the celebratory mode during those football weekends. Who knows, you may just bump into a fan too and enjoy a quiet pre- or post-game football conversation, minus all the noise from the game itself.

4. See The Boys Train Before The Big Day

For the lucky ones who are where the finals day is hosted, one of the fun things to do before the game itself is to see the boys train. If you have young kids who are also fans themselves, this is a super experience, as well. It's not always that you get to watch a major football team train and it's even luckier if they decide to open those training sessions or games to the public.

Even if you have to pay for a ticket for it, the experience will always be worth it. Who knows, that may just be the perfect chance for you too, to have a good photo and your souvenirs signed.

5. Embark On Some Retail Therapy

Here's something for the non-football fans who still want to make the most out of those weekends. If your family members or friends are out to support their teams, don't leave yourself sulking at home. Football season is actually one of the best times to go shopping simply because the shops are going to be deserted.

You can have that VIP shopping experience when you don't have to bump across a swarm of locals in the stores. Sales assistants will be so free to help you out, making for a better and more peaceful shopping experience.

6. Enjoy The Endless Stream Of Bars

For as long as you aren't driving after, football weekends are also a good excuse to have a free pass for a night out. Bars are going to be at their best, each with their own football-related offers. From sumptuous barbecues to games and live matches on their big screens, the local bars are ready for a football weekend, too.


So, if you've previously wondered about what one does during AFL weekend, the list above should show you that the answer can be varied. Ultimately, the choice of an activity to do depends on your preference. Don't forget to ask yourself how you'd like to celebrate the football weekend. Then, check for activities in your local area. Different cities and towns will each have their respective ways to celebrate, so you won't be short of some

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