7 Tips For A First-Time Train Traveller

Travelling by train can be a fun and wonderful experience. This means of transport can be a great way to enjoy different landscapes and sights. If you haven't travelled by train yet, you're definitely missing out.

Trains offer a chance to travel long and short distances within Australian states and beyond. They provide moments of adventure that other transport options can't give. If you're still sceptical about train travel, you can be assured that it's a laid-back way to enjoy unique sights.

For first-timers, there are vital tips to remember to make their first taste of travelling by train memorable. If you plan to take the train for your trip to the Land Down Under and haven't done so before, you're in luck. The following points below will help you out; read on.

1. Understand Your Train's Route

Train routes vary; some trains might only offer one-way journeys while others don't. Thus, before using a train, it's important to understand the route you intend to take.

Familiarising yourself with the routes helps you know when to get off the train at a specific station or city. For instance, knowing the routes will ensure an uninterrupted journey from Adelaide to Darwin by train.

Knowing the train's routes lets you plan your itinerary if you're a long-distance traveller. And with an itinerary, you'll easily make the most of your time.

2. Prepare ID, Tickets, And The Like Before Your Scheduled Trip

Sleeping compartmentFor a smooth train journey experience, planning is vital. Planning is a great way to avoid any inconveniences.

Before heading to the nearest train station, ensure you've prepared the necessary items like your ID, train tickets, etc. Additionally, you'll need travel insurance, any medication you need in case of medical emergencies, and so on. Remember to pack your self-care items, especially for long-distance train journeys.

3. Keep Comfort In Mind

Being comfortable is key to having a pleasant journey. For long-distance train rides, ensuring comfort is important as you'll sit for extended periods.

To stay comfortable, clothes that are stretchy and breathable are ideal. Meanwhile, try following the layering method when wearing clothes on the train. With this, you can easily add or remove a piece of clothing depending on whether you feel cold or warm during the train ride.

In addition to clothing, your shoes should offer comfort and fit well. Because some trains might get too cold, socks will help keep you warm.

If you arranged to sleep in the train's cabins, remember to carry your favourite pair of pyjamas. A blanket and pillow might also come in handy.

4. Pack Your Favourite Snacks

Most trains allow their passengers to bring their food onboard. Although trains offer food items on their menus, they can be expensive. If you want to save some cash, packing your food greatly helps.

Besides helping you save money, bringing your food has a lot of advantages. First, you get to eat food that makes you feel comfortable during the train trip. Next, you can address specific dietary needs if you bring your own food (some trains don't provide broad menu offerings).

As a golden rule, it's best to pack food that doesn't require warming or cooking to avoid any hassles during mealtime.

5. Bring Your Own Entertainment Provisions

Long-distance train travel will give you a chance to relax. Because most trains don't have Wi-Fi, having entertainment items with you is essential. Some great options to consider include games, movies, and books you can enjoy during the lows of your train ride.

6. Pack What You Can Only Carry

Trains that travel over long distances tend to have a limit on the luggage weight they allow their passengers to carry with them. To avoid additional baggage weight charges, check the baggage policies of the train company you'll ride with before your trip.

It's recommended that you pack light. Bringing only your essentials will allow you to bring smaller-sized and lighter luggage. Having a piece of lighter luggage will also ease the process of making train changes.

7. Be Cordial And Socialize With Your Fellow Train Riders

Trains are the best place to meet new people from different backgrounds and statuses. Unlike alternative transportation options, trains allow moving around through common areas. The chances of making new friends are high, especially if they're first-time riders like you. Initiate small talk with the individuals you meet and ask how they're doing - offer help to those you think need it.

Bottom Line

Travelling by train provides a one-of-a-kind experience. Using the train will make you appreciate different sights and make new friends. If this is your first time travelling by train, check out the points listed above for a no-nonsense train ride.

Editorial Team