Quick Tips to Keep Your Adventure Under Budget

With the holiday season fast approaching, many of us are starting to look at our finances and considering how we are going to have the maximum fun on the lowest budget possible. Many people believe, that in this age of austerity, family holidays cannot be take on limited budgets and that we are bound to overspend on luxuries that we simply can't afford. Although you may believe this to be true, there are many ways we can enjoy our holidays and keep within budget. There are many small ideas that can lead to big savings and as long as you stick to these tips, you are going to enjoy your holiday without making too many sacrifices.

Before you travel

I'm sure, like many of us, you have decided to start budgeting before you have even boarded the plane, this may be to give you extra spending money during your stay, or to be put towards specific activities, there is always a reason to consider your spending prior to you leaving. Here are our top 3 tips for saving money before you travel

  1. Don't leave shopping until the last minute

    We all love a new wardrobe for our holidays, but when money is tight this can be a very expensive commodity and quite often isn't particularly necessary. If you do feel that there are items you need for your trip then try to spread out your purchases over the months before you leave. Choose an item to buy with every pay check, you can get the clothing, books and cosmetics you need without having to spend a fortune all in one go

  2. Balance transfer your credit

    We all rely on our credit cards for many things whilst on holiday. Many people take a credit card with them in case of an emergency or simply as an extra means of finance whilst abroad. They are a very useful item to take with you for payments, as well as the fact that they may be covered by your insurance, which cash won't be. If you have a credit card with a high interest rate, then before you leave consider a low balance transfer credit card. This will be used the same way as your existing credit card, but will help you to reduce your payments after you arrive home by cutting out the interest.

  3. Grab the bargains

    There are so many websites that are specifically designed for budget holidays, so doing your research is more imperative than ever before. Look for luxury hotels that are offering discounts and deals, flights that are reduced in price and consider the time of year you want to travel. Remember that when the children are off school the prices of flights climb dramatically. By choosing an off peak adventure you will save money and still have an amazing holiday.

Whilst you are there

When you arrive at your destination, it is all too easy to get excited and start spending money on items that you neither want nor need. Here are some tips to maintaining your budget during your stay without compromising on crazy fun!

  1. Use your budget to plan your day

    We have all reached the end of a holiday and realised that we have run out of money. This tends to make the journey home uncomfortable and can overshadow all the wonderful memories you have made. To avoid this happening to you, then it is wise to consider planning out you budget for every day of your holiday. This way you will know exactly what you have for every activity you do and you can see how much money you have spent in black and white.

  2. Look for the hidden gems

    Where ever you have chosen to visit, you will notice an array of specifically designed tourist attractions that are usually great fun, but can come with a hefty price tag. If you don't have the funds for expensive days out, then have a look at what small attractions there are locally, places that are not frequented by tourists, but offer just as much excitement. These areas are usually a lot cheaper in price and are also great places to tell your friends about when you get back.

  3. Always eat locally

    It may be that you want to save your money for the last meal of the holiday, or you simply can't afford to eat out every night. Looking at your local area and what foods are sourced there is a great way of finding AMAZING food at great prices. If you can't afford to go to a restaurant every night, then why not have a picnic on the beach or in your hotel room. Local supermarkets or shops will have all the food you need at competitive prices and you will often find local delicacies that you may not have tried before. If you do want to visit a restaurant, then have a look at review sites online to see how they are priced and whether the food is worth the money.

Amy K