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Absolutely beautiful, sights and company. Feel so lucky this group exists and Jazzy found these places to share with us.

17/10/2020 Kylie R

It's hard to choose a highlight as all the places we visited were beautiful. It was a great day. Jazzy is a fun guide and all the participants were very friendly. Thanks for a great day.

17/10/2020 Teresa

Lovely day with lovely people

17/10/2020 BW

Fabulous day, lovely company

10/10/2020 Di H

Great day with a fantastic group of ladies, host and guide.

11/10/2020 Sue H

Awesome adventure,such a lovely day made even more special by all the lovely touches and care with which Leonie does every event. Our guide Elysee was superb too and a wonderful experience- something I would never do on my own but in the company of such lovely ladies it was a enjoyable day, thank you so much!

11/10/2020 Tara K

great spot lovely day, great company and lovely food

11/10/2020 Linda Macey

10/10/2020 Yvonne G

Lovely group of ladies and it was my first time and thank you all as felt very wellcomed into the group.

11/10/2020 TrishB

Always fun exploring when you dont know where youre going next!

10/10/2020 Kylie R

Great tour with a couple of surprise stop offs on the way was very busy in Toodjay but a very interesting place to visit. Had lots of fun thanks to our tour guide Jazzy & Sue who tagged along as well. Lovely group of girls & nice to meet them all.

10/10/2020 Jill

10/10/2020 Pamela Crawford

Apart from the Noisy group at the campsite, I thoroughly enjoyed my overnighter.Being the first time I have carried all my gear in my pack, I learned about how to wear my pack and weight distribution. Through talking with other group members I learned what was absolutely necessary and unnecessary to take, and alternative items I could use on a trek. I met a lovely bunch of ladies who I hope to catch up with again. Our leader Sue O is amazing, sharing her knowledge about the flora and fauna of our bush and generally looking out for us all ensuring our health and wellbeing and safety at all times. A truely memorable hike. Thank you AW

03/10/2020 Suanne

03/10/2020 Dawn W

An absolutely amazing weekend learning the ropes with the patient and kind Sue! She was a wealth of knowledge and taught us so much about our gear and how to set up, but also her knowledge of the wildflowers and the track was amazing! I would not hesitate to recommend Adventurous Women to anyone who wants to give hiking a go in a safe and supportive environment.

03/10/2020 Anna A

The weekend hike was amazing. Our guide, Sue O, was just the best- always a bundle of energy. Everyone was good company.

03/10/2020 Sheri H

Another great walk in nature with a good group of Ladies.

03/10/2020 Betty A

Another great walk in nature with a good group of Ladies.

03/10/2020 Betty A

19/09/2020 Sue

I have just completed the Bib track solo and that was an achievement. This walk I would rate as an incredibly wonderful experience.

19/09/2020 June

I went into this walk with much trepidation; it was my first connection with Adventurous Women and I had not had time to train as much as I would normally. This particular trail also held great personal meaning for me. I felt supported and cared for from the moment I met the group. Sue O and Jazzy were our leaders for the trail and ensured each of us had everything we needed to complete the journey right down to foot care. The food was plentiful and nourishing, there were numerous rest and care stops and each of us were encouraged along the way. I cannot recommend Adventurous Women, Sue O and Jazzy enough. Thanks also go to the other women on the journey for their love and support.

19/09/2020 Susan H

Great day with great women!

27/09/2020 Siobhan B

I went into this walk with much trepidation; my first with Adventurous Women and also well short of the training I would normally undertake. It was an emotional journey for me for personal reasons and I wasn’t sure I could get through.

Sue O and Jazzy were so supportive, so attentive and so caring, we could not fail. The support was amazing, the food was varied, plentiful and nourishing and the journey was everything I had hoped and needed.

I also want to include a thank you to the other 9 ladies who traveled this road with me. Their company and care was lovely. I cannot recommend AW enough and have already booked two more adventures.

19/09/2020 Susan H

The Camino Salvado was another successful tour from AW that I was able to tick off my bucket list ... and as always such a well organised and researched tour. The history lesson on Dom Salvado and the Benedictine Monks was very informative, giving an insight into what a visionary monk he was. The walking pace was relaxed and very achievable, with plenty of rest stops and lots of support and encouragement during the more difficult sections. The breaks and meals were delicious and well catered for, meeting all my needs for a Gluten Free diet - no concerns there. There was much fun had, great conversations held and new friendships created.... 5* experience.

19/09/2020 Jude B

This was an amazing experience. Certainly a challenge on the mind more so than the body I found, but to do it with women only made the experience feel like we were all soul-sisters. I'm already planning my next C2C!

10/09/2020 Casey W

This was such a fun event! The Hot Shots hosts were very patient and made learning to shoot clay pigeons easy. Sue did an awesome job of capturing our day for us all. As always the AW lunch was delicious!

20/09/2020 Glennie Muller

A great day out, good to do it as part of a group. Lovely bunch of people. Lunch was yummy too

20/09/2020 Jackie

An amazing trip through a unique and varied landscape! I am sure the whole group thoroughly enjoyed this adventure, full of challenge and fun every step of the way. Expertly led by our delightful and knowledgeable guide Sue O, together with the well-organised support of Sarah with her transport and delicious, healthy meals. Both guides were so caring and responsive to all our varied needs along the way. Their combined efforts have provided us with a most memorable life experience. Both guides went out of their way to make this trip such a wonderful experience. Thank you!

10/09/2020 Sue A

this was a wonderful experience, combining the wonders of nature with the creation of a community of fellow travellers.

10/09/2020 Jo Vallentine

What a wonderful trip. No way is this easy which leaves you feeling very accomplished at the end. It was so wonderful to meet so many lovely ladies. The food was perfect. I loved it all.

10/09/2020 Kay W

What an unexpected treat this walk turned out to be. I Iearnt so much about the areas we passed through and am still astounded that all of this is in our City! On the social side, all the ladies I met were fab and up for a chat. Our guides, Anna & Sue were great and provided lots of laughs as well as interesting facts along the way. Thank you AW

05/07/2020 Kim R

04/09/2020 Suzanne M

fantastic adventure, I thought I knew everything about 4WDing, but learn't so much more from our talented, supportive instructor Mr G

04/09/2020 Dee

4wd tag a long adventure was truely awesome. I had so much fun and learnt lots about both me and my car. You must do it if you get the chance. You won’t regret it. I will definitely be back for more.

04/09/2020 Georgie R

Amazing adrenalin filled weekend.

04/09/2020 Kylie R

A truly wonderful experience. Loved every aspect of the day. Leonie was friendly and professional. A truly lovely lady. The day was well run, the horses well behaved, the scenery was gorgeous, the lunch and scones delicious and all the ladies who attended truly lovely.

05/09/2020 Margie J

A great bunch of women and I loved that the walk was quite varied and a loop and one that I’d not done before. Thanks A W!

05/09/2020 Alison J

A great bunch of women and I loved that the walk was quite varied and a loop and one that I’d not done before. Thanks A W!

05/09/2020 Alison J


05/09/2020 Gwen B

Riding centre were very caring about their animals. Beautiful countryside. Calm horses so good for beginners or those who haven't ridden for a while.

05/09/2020 DawnW

it was beautiful weather and kalamunda national park was great place for hiking

05/09/2020 Theresa C

Loved the whole day, packed so much in but it didn't seem rushed at all and we got a mix of energy lifting exercise plus relaxation.

05/09/2020 Tracy G

05/09/2020 Jo M

It was great to explore the Star Swamp area, I did not know if even existed and there is so much history in such a small reserve. absolutely loved the slow pace which allowed us to stop and take photos and chat whilst we wandered along the paths without slowing the group down. The lookout was another fantastic secret with sweeping views of the coast. This one gets a big tick from me!

30/08/2020 Marg M

I was a first timer in the multi day/carry everything hiking experience and I really enjoyed it. Lots of laughs and a big learning curve. The beauty of our bush and the serenity is an added bonus! Thanks AW and Big Agnes aka Sue O

28/08/2020 Gina D

Another wonderful day our walking with AW. It was a lovely leisurely walk. Our host Jazzy is organised and comes comes with heaps of information, that she readily shares with us all. And she continued to look after us all when we lunched afterwards, making sure we all enjoyed ourselves.

29/08/2020 Kay W

Thank you for a delightful walk in beautiful surroundings in the company of such positive and friendly ladies.

29/08/2020 Sue A.

Thank you for another lovely walk with such friendly and caring ladies. Loved learning information about the flowers and tech tips to make photographing them easier. Thank you to everyone who walked and talked with me.

30/08/2020 Sue A.