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16/06/2019 Tracie

Thanks to Sue for lending me a walking pole and to Maz for helping me over and up some big rocks.

25/05/2019 Sue A

A fun day. All levels of fitness. No one left behind. Met a lot of new people. Our trail blaizers were well organised and intermingled with us all throughout the hike. Morning tea was scrumptious and catered to dietary requirements. I can’t wait for next Sunday’s hike.

16/06/2019 Suanne B

Really enjoyed this walk... such variety of forest. We even saw a little paddy melon Super close. Love these half day walks & Chris is a fabulous guide.

16/06/2019 Roz H

A challenging and rewarding experience as well as an opportunty to see vast areas of our unique and wonderful country.

25/05/2019 Carole Baetge

Loved this trip in the amazing Pilbara. Much credit to the two guides Sue and Marielle. They made it really fun and went above and beyond to ensure our enjoyment. even went as far as carrying all of our jackets across difficult terrain to ensure we had something warm to put on after a very chilly swim/wade through the gorge, not to mention the thermos of hot water for our morning tea. Cant recommend this trip and Adventurous Women enough.

25/05/2019 Di Harvey

Another fun AW trip in a beautiful part of our country.

Our guides, Sue O and Maz, worked tirelessly together to make sure everyone had the best time. They're almost on duty 24/7 but always had a smile and were always happy to help.

Countryside was superb, food was scrumptious, camping equipment was simple to use, in good condition and comfortable.

AW seems to attract a great bunch of girls and this lot were no exception, great travelling companions.

Thanks for a super trip and all the best for the future of AW.

25/05/2019 NarelleD

I loved this trip. I had an absolute ball. It was so well organised and the places chosen for us to stay were perfect. The food was amazing. I never went hungry and everyone was catered for so well. A special Thankyou to Sue O and Maz (our guides) for caring for us so well and keeping us entertained. I haven’t laughed so much in so long. The places we visited were magic. I would recommend this trip.

25/05/2019 Debbie F

Wonderful experience with a fun group.

Many thanks to Sue and Maz for looking out for everyone and making the whole trip great.

25/05/2019 Julie P

Loved it

31/05/2019 Alissia W

Night Hike was wonderful and a great start to the weekend.

31/05/2019 Vanessa Stockdale

19/05/2019 Lisa

It was my first walk with the Adventurous Women, and although I was a little concerned about my level of fitness, I was able to walk at a pace that suited me. With a leader at the front and one at the back, no one felt pressured to keep up a pace.

19/05/2019 Trish W

1st timers trying out something new. The hike was great as the views on reaching the top amazing.

Thank you for offering a try session.

19/05/2019 Kelly

Fabulous walk. Lovely ladies. So glad to have the opportunity to take part.

19/05/2019 Lyn

Great day - easy walk for most of the way (if someone could sweep the trail beforehand next time it would be appreciated - the honky nuts where everywhere) Jazzy was great and as usual morning tea was delicious

19/05/2019 Kay W

Fabulous experience with a brilliant guide and a fantastic group of girls !

08/04/2019 Susan McCluney

An amazing spiritual walk. Portugal is beautiful with beautiful people and food. The walk was through some very scenic areas and not toooo difficult physically. Accomodation was nearly all very special, with very tasty food. A big thankyou to our leader Sue O and Quinn.

08/04/2019 zoe

03/05/2019 Lyndall B

Very quiet and relaxing kayak tour. It was nice to be part of a small group; and I was glad to meet new people.

04/05/2019 Frederique R

Challenging and a fun day out with the Ladies!

05/05/2019 Gwyneth

An excellent retreat. A wonderful group of women. Sue & Bettina very caring. Food delicious. Would highly recommend this event.

03/05/2019 Kaye

Our hosts Sue and Bettina were fantastic. Bettina's teaching struck the perfect balance for our mixed group - her instructions were faultless and classes delivered with loving kindness. The setting was divine, meals delicious, and the organisation and timing of all activities spot on. Thanks to all the fabulous women who attended - I returned to the city feeling like I had had a real holiday.

03/05/2019 Felicity

Thank you for a lovely weekend and look forward to joining you again later in the year.

03/05/2019 Susan M

We had a fabulous weekend with great group of ladies.

03/05/2019 Julie R

Enriching, inspiring and invigorating environment surrounded by like minded, empathetic, genuine and motivated women. Fulfilled my expectations of what I was wanting to experience. Everyone was welcoming and willing to share their stories, experiences and knowledge. A sincere thank you to each and everyone for the acceptance and inclusion of my 79 year old mother. She had a ball and was awe inspired by the strength, confidence and sincerity of everyone on the retreat.

03/05/2019 Sharon B

Fabulous weekend. A great group of women, a terrific venue and a heart warming and life affirming program. Time to connect, contemplate and calm down. Loved it!

03/05/2019 Lee J

Fun day. Lovely bunch of women who supported each other as we challenged ourselves both mentally and physically. It was topped off with a scrumptious lunch.

05/05/2019 Diana N

05/05/2019 Bernadette Height

What a wonderful activity - challenging yet fun.

05/05/2019 Grace P

The whole weekend was a highlight. I really loved the yoga ball activity too and the bushwalks.


Wow - what a fabulous weekend.

Food was awesome, hosts were friendly and warm, venue was peaceful and the other adventurous women were lovely and fun.

Not your usual yoga retreat, but that made it even more enjoyable!

Thanks for an amazing weekend!

03/05/2019 Michelle

A wonderful trip, would recommend to all, great leader and very knowledgeable about all aspects on hiking etc.

08/04/2019 Phillipa Marshall

Leonie's personalised attention to all our needs and delicious meal ideas made for an unforgettable experience.

26/04/2019 Michele

I very much enjoyed every aspect of this short trip. Kim was lovely and very supportive. All the equipment was clean and in good working order; camping, kayaks and general equipment. Cooking together was fun on the open fire. Leonie was very organised and as encouraging to develop social connections.

26/04/2019 Jo Hurn

I really enjoyed the experience. The group was great, everyone helped with everything as it was a self sufficient tour and camp and meals had to be prepared. Leonie was a great host making sure everyone was enjoying themselves. The weather was good after the wind on day 1. Our guide, Kym, shared his experiences of the river with us, and shared maps to help us see where we paddled each day. His wife Karen was a great support as well.

26/04/2019 Irene Miller

Met my expectation in every way.
Leonie was excellent. Made sure everyone was included and felt valued as part of the trip.

26/04/2019 Nicki Jackson

Travelling with Adventurous Women is exactly that, adventurous. The Portuguese Camino is an experience like no other. Every day amazing scenery, food, and achievements. Our guide Sue experienced and helpful. Women doing it for themselves and as a bonded group. Highly recommended. Thanks to all..

08/04/2019 Irena Morison

Wonderful. Leonie was fantastic and the trip was lots of fun

26/04/2019 Vicki

Porto from Santiago was quite an easy walk a few hills but overall pretty good. You have 4 seasons in one day on the Camino so I poncho came in very handy. Our guide Sue O, has been walking the Camino 8 times now so I know I was in safe hands, and meeting 13 other women on this Journey was an amazing experience. Overall a well executed walking experience. Will definitely do this again.

08/04/2019 Jannene Hardie

Wow - what a fabulous trip. Sue our guide was wonderful. The food was delicious. A wonderful collection of accommodation - Some places quirky, some quaint, some just beautiful. Wonderful friendly ladies.

08/04/2019 Kay W

A wonderful introduction to the wonders of Japan will definitely head back to explore more in-depth

02/04/2019 Danae R

Sharing Japan tour with AW and Sue leading and guide Hitomi has been such an inspirational time and I've loved every minute with such a great group of ladies.

02/04/2019 Lesley

It was an unbelievable trip with a group of women who I felt at home with. The trip filled all my expectations and more. I would highly recommend this company to any woman willing to explore another country or areas of Australia where they did not want to go solo or step out of your comfort zone. I would love to do another trip in the future

02/04/2019 Jean Hammond

Absolutely amazing trip. Loved every minute. Catching trams, trains and walking with the locals was fascinating. Japanese accommodation was a great experience. Sights, sounds, people all so different. The Cherry Blossoms were out in all their glory. As a Queenslander being snowed on in Hakone was just magic. So glad I did this trip. Congratulations Adventurous Women for making this trip such a great experience.

02/04/2019 Annette M

Loved Japan and experiencing the different culture. Cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Wonderful group of women to share with. Each day's exploring got better. Favourite places were Kyoto, Nara, Arashiyama and Hakone (especially waking up to snow). Japanese people were friendly, patient, helpful and honest. Amazing organisation considering all the transport we used. Even got used to sleeping on the floor! Will definitely be on future trips.

02/04/2019 Cathy B.

A highlight for me was a Dolphin swam underneath our canoe, also a lovely group of women sharing a morning on the clear calm water. Shipwreck story interesting, hosts very welcoming. Thanks for a great morning.

14/04/2019 Gwyneth S

It was a great day, Some of us including me, had not kayaked before and I was impressed with the tuition and patience of the guide and group of ladies, which helped to make an enjoyable experience.


14/04/2019 Irene