48 Hours In Madrid

I only had two days to explore Madrid. I would have preferred weeks, months, or even years to explore this enormous and historical city. But, even with only two days I was able to see plenty of this gorgeous city, while still having an amazing time. Here are some tips on how to see the best of Madrid in only 48 hours.

What to do?

Santa Maria la Real de la Almudena

This stunning museum and cathedral was one of the first destinations on my list. It will not only educate you a great deal in history, but it will also allow you to take a peek at the stunning views from its highest point. When you pay 6 Euros, you're able to go into the cathedral and have rooftop access to the terrace. When you get there, you'll be able to overlook the many sights of Madrid including the Palacio Real, the Casa de Campo and the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range. Who doesn't like history that's accompanied by a gorgeous landscape view?

Plaza de la Villa

Plaza de la villa Madrid
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Next on my list was the intimate and beautiful Plaza de la Villa. If you're a history buff like me, then this next location might be geared more towards you. The Plaza de la Villa houses some of the oldest government buildings from the middle ages – some even dating back to the 15th century. There is also a statue of the Armada planner, Alvaro de Bazan! Make sure you grab a local tour guide for this one, there is a ton of information to hear on its past! Try using a Madrid city guide to help you discover and learn more about the Plaza de la Villa, and other tourist destinations. Just remember that you may need to use a VPN when using a phone internationally.

Fashion Film Festival

I was lucky enough to be in Madrid during the Madrid Fashion Film Festival that is hosted here yearly. Many of these films are artistic live action pieces that revolve around edgy fashion couture. It's usually held over the course of 2-3 days in November, so if you're planning a fashion filled trip to Madrid, make sure you go during this time of the year!

Now I know not everyone will be travelling to Madrid in November, so you may want to have a great time with some luxurious shopping instead. Check out the Chueca District, which is one of Madrid's busiest areas as it's filled with great Spanish fashion, stylish tourists and eclectic shops. I found time to fit in a little bit of both, and it was well worth it.

What to Eat?

Restaurant and bar life

Where and what to eat may have been the hardest decision I made in Madrid. Spain not only has some of the most uniquely delicious food in the world, but also an incredibly beautiful and intriguing culture. I decided since I only had 48 hours in Madrid, I needed to cram as much culture and food into each meal. What better way to do that than have a dinner Flamenco show.

  • Cafe de Chinitas

My first night I found myself in this wonderful café, that's not so much a café. Located in Spain's capital of Madrid, this 18th century mansion was put to use as an eatery. They offer Mediterranean cuisines and Flamenco shows. You get to have a bit of culture shock while you're having dinner!

  • Cardamom

My second night I decided I did not get enough Flamenco, and ventured to Cardamom. This bar is one of the top bars in Madrid as they showcase musicians, Flamenco dancers and have awesome drinks. They also offer Flamenco lessons at 10:30pm each night! You're also allowed to perform with them after your lesson. After a couple of their amazing drinks you might even gain some liquid courage to show off your moves, or practice them in my case.


As you can see, you may be unable to explore all of Madrid in 48 hours, but there is a lot you can try to do! I was able to jam pack my couple days in Madrid, and have the time of my life. If your energy is high and you're ready to go, you may be able to get through this entire list in your short stay. But be sure not to whiz through everything so quick that you can't enjoy it.

Jess Singet