5 Best Work Bags For Travel

If you're travelling for work, you can never go wrong with a canvas tote bag. This is the best commuter bag to bring whether you're travelling short or far distances. Many ladies consider this tote bag their go-to because it's reliable and expansive. These bags are huge, have thick straps and multiple pockets, and go with anything you wear. As everyone gradually returns to their routines, you're probably back to frequent travelling due to work obligations. For example, you might manage or cover several branches in multiple cities or travel to another country for a corporate event. No matter your travel purposes, you should use the most efficient work bag available to make your professional life more manageable.

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Like choosing work attire, selecting the best work bag also needs careful consideration and comparison. The perfect work bag should be comfortable to carry, stylish to mix and match with your other clothes, and have enough compartment and storage for your other essentials. Unfortunately, suppose you mean to purchase a new work bag. It might be easy to feel overwhelmed with the thousands of choices available in the market today.

To make your shopping journey one step easier, here is a comprehensive list of work travel bags that are useful and stylish for any situation:

1. Work Backpack

Whether you're travelling over the weekend or spending long days in the headquarters located in a different city, it's ideal for carrying a work backpack with you. Digital nomads who travel with laptops and a few essentials might find this work bag most useful. Since the bag comes with durable materials and features, you'll be able to travel confidently. Better yet, you'll know that all your work documents, gadgets, tools, and other essentials are secure and protected from weather and other elements.

Leather Backpack from Von Baer Leather Backpack from Von Baer

Work backpacks can be very durable, especially when made of leather material. In addition, they come with a water-repellent feature that's enough to keep your things dry in the event of a sudden downpour. What makes a backpack reliable for working professionals is that it has a laptop compartment and enough room to accommodate more things. You can store paper documents and even bring a water tumbler with you.

Choose a backpack with many inside pockets and compartments so you can keep gadget accessories, office supplies, and other small things. Since the backpack comes with two shoulder straps, you can easily balance the weight on both shoulders, leaving no room for pain or stiffness.

Can You Wear a Backpack to Work?

A work backpack is perfectly acceptable for most people, as long as you choose one that looks professional. We recommend choosing a leather backpack, as it tends to look better over time, when compared with tatty nylon backpacks.

2. Canvas Tote Bag

If you're travelling for work, you can never go wrong with a canvas tote bag. This is the best commuter bag to bring whether you're travelling short or far distances. Many ladies consider this tote bag their go-to because it's reliable and expansive. These bags are huge, have thick straps and multiple pockets, and go with anything you wear.

Using a canvas tote bag for other reasons than work is perfectly acceptable. For example, if you're visiting another city, you can easily buy your travel essentials and store them in this bag. However, you can continue using this canvas tote bag when you're not travelling or working. It can accommodate everything you need for the day. No matter where you're heading, it has more than enough room to store some trinkets or small things you bought while strolling the streets or malls.

Canvas Tote Bag

Since a tote bag is a carry-all bag, it's crucial to have the sturdiest straps attached to the handles. Fortunately, this canvas bag has reliable ones that are sewn and impossible to be ripped off. Go for wider straps to ensure you can place them securely on your shoulder for more support. Tote bags can have different closing designs. You can choose sturdy zippers to keep all the content well secured and protected from pickpockets.

No matter where you're heading, even when you commute and ride public transport, you can keep your tote bag safe as you carry it on your shoulder. The canvas material is solid and sturdy. A bonus is that you can easily wash and clean canvas tote bags from stains and dirt accumulated over time.

3. Woven Bag

Woven bags are typically made from woven fabric. And due to their natural design, they make a sturdy work bag for travel. In addition, they're strong enough to hold all your heavy gadgets and essentials. This woven basket bag is usually made up of several threads that are joined together.

Woven bags are too cute to pass up if you want something that will make you look stylish, unique, and chic while travelling for work. Like the tote bag, they are usually designed as a carry-all bag, which you can hang on to your shoulders to carry. They come with inside pockets so you can segregate other small things. They come in different designs, so choose something that relates to your character and style more.

4. Rectangular Leather Tote Bag

Leather Tote

One effective work travel bag design is something shaped rectangular and slim. This allows you to place and remove your work laptop inside easily. No matter the width and thickness of your computer, this work tote bag makes it possible to carry your most essential work equipment. The top handles can also bring your devices quickly over your shoulder.

When shopping for a leather rectangular work bag, always prioritise the hardware attached to them. Ensure that the zippers are durable and thick so they won't break easily as you constantly open and zip close during travelling. Also, consider finding a design that makes you look professional and sophisticated at the same time. Go for pebbled leather to elevate your professional look even when travelling.

Opt for monochromatic leather tote bags in a neutral colour so you can pair them easily with any of your work or travel outfits.

5. Crossbody Travel Work Bag

One of the most practical handbag choices is a crossbody bag. While these are more popular among working men, professional ladies also go for them nowadays. Probably the reason is because of the way you can carry them. Their crossbody feature distributes the bag's weight evenly across your body, making it tolerable to take them on longer destinations.

Also, they're more secure and protected against thieves as it would be harder to be grabbed by them. The crossbody travel work bag also frees up your hands, so you can even carry two more pieces of luggage. Choose a work bag that's roomy enough to hold your essentials. Prioritise on the strap quality as you'll depend on them as you place the bag across your body.


Now that health authorities have eased travel restrictions, you need a new work travel bag. However, you'll need a bag to carry all your possessions whether travelling for work or to another country. Hopefully, you've narrowed your choices with the work bags in this blog post. Each bag has advantages and features, so choose the one that fits your style and needs.

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