9 Tips For Planning The Perfect Group Getaway

Travelling with a group can be a wonderful experience for everyone. Besides, the more people you spend quality time with, the more memories you’ll make. However, without careful planning, a group getaway in Australia can be miserable.

There's nothing worse than misaligned budgets, expectations, and disagreements during your trip. Whether you're planning for a long-awaited adventure with your friends or a reunion with your family members and relatives, here are some of the many tips you can consider to plan your perfect group getaway:

1. Consider Alternative Accommodation

Alternative accommodation options, such as short-term rentals and serviced apartments, are more affordable than reserving hotel rooms for group members. You may consider villas or resorts similar Queensland resort for your group getaway, especially if everyone from your group prefers privacy while enjoying a view of the stunning natural landscape.

2. Have A Group Leader

For your getaway to be successful, it should be well-coordinated. You’ll be on a trip far from your home and having a leader who’ll be responsible for coordinating and planning the trip from the very beginning is essential.

Your group leader must be somebody who’s good at communicating and planning. Generally, the group leader keeps in contact with everybody, providing updates to everyone while handling detailed work to make the most out of the fun things to do in your preferred destination.

Aside from assigning a leader, dividing the other responsibilities is also an excellent idea so everybody can participate. For example, assign someone who can handle your group's accommodation needs and another one to deal with car rentals.

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3. Plan Early

Once you have a group leader, get together to plan your getaway as early as possible. Use the planning session to choose the dates that align with everybody's schedules and determine your preferred destination. It's a perfect time to decide things whether you're after a more relaxed or active getaway too.

When planning, consider every little detail to avoid inconvenience. Nonetheless, things such as which airline to fly to or where to have dinner can be decided later.

4. Don't Aim For Perfection; Focus On Adventure

While several travel experiences may seem perfect, remember that there will be moments of discomfort. Visiting a new destination, traveling on airplanes, and settling in with a huge group of people may present everyone with some obstacles.

Putting added pressure of perfection on your getaway may set expectations to an unattainable height where a slight hindrance may send you falling. But once you see your getaway as an adventure, your group may enjoy the experience and roll with minor inconveniences.

5. Look For Group Discounts

Most hotels, tours, and some airlines offer discounts for those who'll travel in a group. When booking your trip, make sure to inquire about the deal's possibilities. With group discounts, you can save some money, which you can use to purchase souvenirs and other stuff. A group discount is perfect for groups with a tight budget as well.

6. Take Varying Budgets Into Account

You might have enough money to spend for the getaway, but others might have a tight budget. For this reason, discussing varying budgets is essential to avoid any inconvenience.

Rather than making micro-decisions to determine what everybody is comfortable spending, consider various factors, including how you'll travel. For example, are you planning to travel in business class or want to stay in a luxurious place? Depending on your group's answers, you can decide which best suits everyone without struggling with the expenses throughout the trip.

7. Document Preferences And Itineraries

Many group trips may often take weeks to get pinned down. While planning, be sure to keep everybody in the loop on itineraries and other preferences to smooth out the trip.

Having a list of itineraries and preferences can help keep everyone up to date. You can make a physical copy of your itineraries or use apps where you can quickly share your to-do list for the day. With this, your group will know what's planned and may raise concerns or questions beforehand.

8. Pay Importance To Communication

There will be times when your group might get divided. Thus, ensure your communication lines are open, and everybody knows who to contact for concerns. Fortunately, in today's modern world, establishing communication isn't hard. You can discuss with your group your primary communication method to share information like itineraries to keep everyone in the loop.

9. Choose Your Activities Wisely

You don't want to waste your group's time doing a single activity that takes hours. It's also not a good idea to schedule various daily activities, leaving everyone feeling stressed and tired. When planning for a perfect group summer outdoor getaway, you should choose your activities wisely to enjoy the moment and avoid rushing. This may help conserve everyone's energy to build happy memories too.


Planning a perfect group getaway may seem impossible since it's a challenging endeavour. Yet your vacation experience is worth it once you plan it well. For best results, use the abovementioned tips when planning, and don't forget to have fun with your family or friends.

Editorial Team