Five Adventurous Things a Travelling Pom Should Try in Australia

Australia is a great place to travel if adventure is the goal. An adrenaline rush is almost guaranteed if travellers select the proper activity. Travellers must be ready for a thrill to participate in some of the most rewarding adventurous activities that this country has to offer. Most people feel the momentary fear is worth the views experienced when participating in these high-risk adventures.

1. Climb the Sydney Bridge for the View
For incredible views, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This experience is a true adrenaline rush. People who are brave enough to climb to the top will be at an elevation higher than many skyscrapers in the area. Standing on the ledge overlooking Sydney Harbour: it will be a truly exhilarating experience you won't forget in a hurry.

2. Snorkelling and Scuba Diving
The diving in Australia is absolutely amazing if travellers get to view the Great Barrier Reef. Some of the best dive sites in the world are to be found here, and in case you think you can use the excuse that you've never done it before, there are dive schools to teach the basics before they go out on a dive. An entire course with PADI certification will require three to four days. If you are in the area, this is a fantastic opportunity to see something truly spectacular.

3. Sky Diving
Why not see some of the most spectacular coastline the country has to offer from a bird’s eye view? The experience is thrilling, and participants will get a true adrenaline rush. There are numerous locations from which to try skydiving. The most popular places include Mission Beach, Byron Bay, and Cairns. Mission Beach and Byron Bay are the most spectacular dives and the most popular. Most companies will provide a DVD of the entire experience so you can relive it back at home. And don't worry.

4. Trek Through the Outback or Take the Fraser Island Four Wheel Drive Tour
Taking a four-wheel drive or trekking through the outback is one of the most those things on most people's bucket list of things to do in Australia, but the Fraser Island four-wheel drive experience is truly unforgettable. The island is made of sand, and four-wheel drive is the only way to travel. Most people sleep under the stars on the beach after a day of fun exploring the island. Organised tours are also available if driving is not an option.

5. Swim With Dolphins or View the Turtles
Swimming with dolphins or sharks is sure to provide an adrenaline rush. As you can imagine, this experience is not easily forgotten. At monkey-mia, the dolphins will come right up to the shore line. Boats leave frequently to travel to locations where it is easy to swim with the dolphins. If turtles are more interesting, try Byron Bay for some incredible turtle watching. Now is the time to get your flights booked, try some of these adventurous activities and be amazed at how much more enchanting the view is from different perspectives.


Kristine is a freelance travel writer based in England