Overland Track - The Wilds of Tasmania

Our adventure started so many months ago, just making it to the start line was a decathlon of hurdles and obstacles. At the starting line, five out of the ten original AW adventurers congregated in Launceston to meet our wilderness guide, Jess from On Track Expeditions.

Jess was about to take us on a 65km, 6 day full pack life changing adventure rated one of the 10 must do's on the planet - The Overland Track!

Team meeting complete, we were armed with tents, food, cooking gear and packing tips. Jess was knowledgeable, funny & AWesome, she instilled confidence in us..... we were ready!

Arriving at the base of Cradle Mountain the realisation of the task ahead was compelling. This landscape is raw, unforgiving and breath-taking. We lifted our heads high, showing no fear! There was no mountain we couldn't conquer.

We climbed, walked, talked & reflected as we passed over mountains, through enchanted forests, across alpine plains, along wild creeks & waterfalls. Historic huts from pioneering days reminded us of the original adventurers that came before us. Our evenings were spent nestled below vertical mountainous peaks sharing amazing stories & silly anecdotes while bonding friendships over chocolate tea & wonderful food. We were a force to be reckoned with, AW women in the wild!

The weather gods rewarded our efforts with sunshine, I repeat, SUNSHINE the entire way. Wombats, echidnas, tiger snakes, button grass, mountain meadows filled with flowers provided a back drop that inspired every step as each day got easier.

As we descended on Lake Saint Clair the end of our journey, we dove into her cool clear waters to celebrate so many achievements.

This Adventurous Women® Adventure was all about the journey and not the destination.

Caron Harbott

Caron is an AW Tour Leader in Qld and before joining AW had been a solo explorer for many years, enjoying her time in nature and feeling at peace without ever having to apologise for being deaf.

Turning 50 saw Caron enter the world of the hearing and she travelled far and wide seeking adventure with like minded women. From clinging to the clifftop trails of the Cinque Terre, marvelling at the abundant wildlife on Kangaroo Island, amazed by the beauty of the PNG jungle and humbled by the delicate Sherpas who guided her safely into Everest Base Camp.