Sydney in 15 Minutes: Amazing Places and Experiences to Look Forward To

You'll find amazing places to visit in Sydney, with wonderful experiences to create during your time there. From delicious cuisine to inviting sun-kissed beaches, Sydney is one of the most welcoming cities in the world - whether for vacations or those looking to relocate. One of the biggest and oldest of Australian cities, Sydney has a charm all of its own. If you're relocating here, there are many things to consider, including having to get used to the intense sun for one.

There are also many 'must do' activities to experience, guaranteed to enhance any visit to Sydney. Here, we've listed the best of them to whet your appetite.

Swim at Bondi Icebergs Pool

For just $7, you can sunbathe at Bondi's most recognised landmark, workout at the adjoining gym, relax in the sauna and swim in the 50 metre saltwater pool - Australia's most photographed ocean pool, which is a must-see. It features a larger pool and smaller children's section - both of which are open from 6am.
Events include Saturday races and an upcoming Christmas party this December.

Upon prior arrangement, wheelchair access can be granted, with a guide stationed to help you with everything you might need. There are always patrols and qualified lifeguards present around the pool to ensure your safety. A visit here is bound to be one of the highlights of your time in Sydney.

Sydney Opera House

The magnificent Sydney Opera House is the most visited attraction in the whole of Australia and one of the most photographed buildings in the world. For the most authentic experience, try visiting at sunrise or sunset. At sunrise, you'll enjoy greater privacy, as there are less tourists at that time of day.
Meanwhile, sunset provides the perfect photographic opportunity as the Opera House silhouettes beautifully against the harbour.

Royal Botanic Gardens and Art Gallery of New South Wales

Located next to the Pavilion Restaurant, the Art Gallery of New South Wales is a beautiful edifice in its own right. The gallery hosts four exhibitions each year and is a huge draw for both tourists and Sydneysiders alike.

Meanwhile, the nearby Royal Botanic Gardens features a wide diversity of flora and provides the ideal respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The gardens were opened in 1816 and have since been a favourite haunt of nature lovers. It is located in the heart of Sydney and has been recognised as one of the oldest scientific institutions in Australia. The gardens also play host to a number of famous events, such as the Ghostly Garden. Children under the age of three are admitted for free, while those aged three to thirteen are charged $9. Therefore, if you're moving to Sydney with your family, rest assured you'll all have a focal point where you can learn more about plants and can attend memorable events.

McMahons Point

McMahons Point is located in the northern part of Sydney harbour and is well served by the city's ferries. The view of Sydney from this particular platform is breathtaking, while there are also cafés and restaurants available in which to enjoy breakfast or lunch. You can get here by train and get stroll for a few minutes, before arriving at the wharf. Apart from the stunning views, it is a great place to come and interact with the locals and make new friends. If you are a photographer, this is perfect place to capture a memorable snap - especially at sunrise and sunset.

Take a Tour to The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains have been a favourite tourist attraction for many years now. It is a beautiful national park that owes its name to the Eucalyptus trees that cover its entire surface area. Oil from the trees is dispersed in the air and later comes to settle on the mountains to create the blue hue which now characterises the entire range. If you want to experience the best of The Blue Mountains, go with family or friends to savour the spectacular setting. There are numerous tour companies to take you there, whilst making your day as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Cruise the Harbour

You can't visit Sydney and miss out on seeing the world's most beautiful harbour. With a number of sightseeing cruises to choose from, you'll get to see the very best of Sydney from the water. Take in the beauty of all the local landmarks, as you're taken from one iconic attraction to the next. For only $30, you can enjoy a memorable two-hour cruise of the harbour. You can also enjoy a quality breakfast, lunch and dinner aboard the luxurious cruise boats, as well as coffee served to your taste.

Experience Unique Wildlife

Sydney plays host to some of Australia's most striking wildlife, ranging from koalas and kangaroos to the exotic wombats. For just $45, you can get an adult Zoo pass to Australia's famous Taronga zoo. The charge includes a ferry fare from Circular Quay.

Furthermore, for just $225, you can sleep over and enjoy after-hour adventures with safari tents and amazing food. If you're moving to Sydney, this could well be the highlight of your wildlife experience.

Showboat Dinner Cruise

The showboat dinner cruise is a real treat and includes glamorous performances and sumptuous dishes. You haven't visited Sydney if you've not taken time to savour a three-course meal, prepared by some of the best chefs in the world. There's no better place to enjoy these than the showboat cruise, where you're guaranteed excellent views whilst eating. Both the meals and show can span a three-hour period.

Rest assured, every dish served at your table is prepared on board. If you prefer, take time in between performances to take a peek of the Sydney skyline. The boats cruise close by the famous Opera House, so enjoy this majestic sight while you're waiting for the showgirls to put on breathtaking performances for you. An evening showboat dinner cruise is definitely one you will never forget.

The Rocks

The Rocks area of Sydney is one of Australia's most historic sites. Originally home to the Gadigal aboriginal people, the oldest surviving house can also be found here - that being Cadman's cottage, which was built in 1816. The area's name derives from the rocky coast found on the west side of Sydney cove. Notably, it was also the first site of European settlement. When visiting The Ricks, you should pay due attention to its transition from traditional aboriginal land and convict slums to today's major tourist attraction and busy hub that attracts visitors from far and wide.

There are over 100 heritage sites in The Rocks, as well as art galleries, cafés, and restaurants. After checking out these gems, you might choose to take a walk and pick up some local souvenirs. If you can stay until nightfall, you can even treat yourself to a ghost tour.


With over 504,000 megalitres of water, Sydney has the world's deepest natural harbour. It plays host to mind blowing nature reserves, beautiful buildings, and a range of arts and cultural activities. Your move to the city is guaranteed to be thrilling, informative and fulfilling. Simply take your time to identify the places you'll likely enjoy the most and schedule your visit accordingly.

Melissa Nash

Melissa is a travel consultant with a penchant for the Canary Islands. Her articles are usually found on travel blogs and magazines.